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Winning design

Create a set of Online Advertising Banners for

We are one of the UK's largest independent used motorcycle retailers....

By TGMedia in Banner Ad

39 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

Winner gets a BIG Ad Campaign for our Fantastic Nutritional Supplement

Our product, Pruvin, is a nutritional supplement (cross between medicine and a vitamin.) Please see attached PRODUCT ...

By CollectiveSollutions in Banner Ad

107 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Create banner ad for iDriveYourCar for grand prize & possible freelance contract with

iDriveYourCar Banner Ad

By iDriveYourCar in Banner Ad

161 Entries $1,059 platinum price
Winning design

Create a banner ad

Scan2CAD is a PC application which converts and edits images. It is mostly used by the CAD and CNC markets, includ...

By luke bT in Banner Ad

50 Entries £129 bronze price
Winning design

New banner ad wanted for Memorabilia 4 Music

We provide Music Memorabilia for all Artists across the world to consumers

By Bobbychadda in Banner Ad

48 Entries $599 gold price
Winning design

Unique email header images to capture our audience

autoresponder campaign needs accompanying header images

By Dwayne Campbell in Banner Ad

51 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

Help Forces War Records with a new banner ad

We hold the largest collection of military records of ancestors in the UK.

By Hayhoe.d in Banner Ad

35 Entries £399 gold price
Winning design

Help C2C Systems with a new banner ad

We are a software company with a number of products targeted at the Enterprise market, solving email/messaging problems

By Ken Hughes in Banner Ad

98 Entries £395 gold price
Winning design

Small image to help advertise London's newest shoeshine and repair service

The Shine Box is a London based modern day shoeshine and repair business. We aim to put a spin in the step of London'...

By vljacobs in Banner Ad

145 Entries £129 bronze price
Winning design

Banner advert required

Saga Magazine investors who are seeking a 10% return on their investment in a secure property....

By Rob Aspire estates in Banner Ad

71 Entries £129 bronze price
Winning design

High Tech (RF Components manufacture) banners for Defense Aerospace industry

We are RF/Microwave components manufactures which focus on the Aerospace, national defense, military application, com...

By MICHAEL zh in Banner Ad

60 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Please design a great website banner for our new training program, ‘Career Control for Researchers’

PostdocTraining is a training organisation specialising in career development training and support for research stude...

By Kerstin in Banner Ad

174 Entries £189 silver price


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