99designs Community Contest: Design an image for Silicon Roundabout, Tech City

Samantha Graves picked a winning design in their illustration & graphics contest. For just £650 they received 394 designs from 92 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

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99designs Community Contest: Design an image for Silicon Roundabout, Tech City


Capture the vibe of the thriving East London startup scene - for t-shirts, business cards, posters & more!

Background information

Organization name

Community Contest: Design a cool image for Silicon Roundabout, London

Description of the organization and its target audience

Silicon Roundabout is the heart of the tech startup community in London. Officially it is the starting point for 200 + web companies, but its more than just internet businesses. There are great independent bars, pop up restaurants, clothes shops, coffee shops, art galleries. In a nutshell, it’s a hub of creative commerce.

Silicon Roundabout is a saying, modeled on the San Franciscan Silicon Valley. Its an area in East London where companies can network, pitch ideas, meet and develop new business in the UK.  Please download the pdf for a style guide for this illustration.



Content details


This is a image design for a geographic area. It could potentially be used on everything from the back of a business card size to a poster, tshirt, social media page and more. We really want to capture the vibrancy and creativity in the area, whilst keeping it based around the Silicon Roundabout saying and vibe.

We’ve attached the slogan “Proud to Startup at Silicon Roundabout”

Key Words to think about: Success, Young, Creative, Technology, Business, Development, London, Startup, Internet, Art, Street Art, Style

Open to ideas of: Mascots, multiple characters, plays on the roundabout theme although not restricted to, completely original concepts. See the images below to get a really feel for life in East Londons Tech City.

Check out 99designs' designer blog for more background and information:…ut-london/

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