99designs surges to record growth – doubling its UK designer community since early last year

24 Sep 2014

London – September 25th, 2014 A record surge in demand from SMEs searching for affordable design has seen the UK become the biggest European market for 99designs, the world’s largest marketplace for graphic design.

Highlighting its success in connecting over 444,306 businesses from 196 countries to quality designers from around the world, 99designs also announced:

  • Over 25% of its 850,000 registered designers – spread worldwide - are now based in the UK and Europe
  • It’s now paid more than £50 million to its global community of graphic designers
  • The increased popularity of the service means that today a new custom made design is created every three seconds

With Europe now identified as a key growth area, 99designs has doubled its operations in the region. The UK has now grown to become its largest market within Europe, boosted by a 60% year over year growth in British designers using the platform – along with a record number of design projects uploaded to its platform.

“With half a million UK business launching every year, graphic design is playing a major role in connecting them with their customers – both on and offline,” said Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of 99designs. “SMEs need quality graphic design at an affordable price – and each connection we make brings them a step closer to success, and a designer a step forward in shaping their career.”

To date, the 99designs community has completed over 333,000 design projects worldwide with the most popular categories including logo design, web design, mobile app design and business card design.

On a global scale, 99designs’ design community is the world’s largest – it’s now surpassed 850,000 designers and expected to exceed one million by early 2015. Collectively, the design community is on track to have earned more than £100 million by the end of next year.

“Businesses across the globe increasingly realize there’s an easier way for them to purchase quality design at great prices, and they are looking to 99designs for their creative needs,” said Patrick Llewellyn. “Our goal is to make great design accessible to everyone, and we’re well on our way to achieving this. 99designs is a company known for constantly evolving and expanding its operations to service the larger market need - as our continued growth and success highlights.”

About 99designs

99designs, the world’s largest graphic design marketplace, has helped over 444,306 businesses around the world access quality design at an affordable price. After pioneering crowd-sourced design contests, where businesses receive a wide variety of design concepts and choose their favorite, it expanded to provide services which allowed customers to work with individual designers, purchase design templates from the ready-made logo store, or get small tasks done within an hour through Swiftly. With more than 850,000 designers from most countries around the world, 99designs continues to help UK businesses reach branding success through great design created by a robust community of talented graphic designers. With local operations in London, Berlin, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, 99designs employs over 100 people. 99designs is backed by Accel Partners.