The Berlin Wall has become a historic symbol of Germany, memorialized through art work and the country’s memories. The day the Wall fell and the peaceful revolution that followed has not been forgotten.

In honor of that monumental moment, we came up with a very special challenge for our German design community: create a poster celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall. A total of 185 designs were submitted from 60 designers. We’ve compiled a small selection of the best designs for this article (you can see the rest here).

This design comes from macatwork, one of our European designers who’s been a freelancer for 20 years. This abstract poster design speaks for itself.

November 9, 1989

November 9th was a day that changed many people’s lives significantly. With the fall of the Berlin Wall after 28 years, the border between East and West was shattered and Germany reunited. When one thinks back to that time in ’89, more than anything, images of Berlin at that moment come to mind.

This design comes from our designer, Erosner (USA). His poster shows one of the most famous scenes from November 9, 1989 before the Brandenburg Gate.

In Berlin today, the traces of the wall are still visible. Places such as the Wall Park and the Berlin Wall Memorial in Bernauer Strasse, keep memories of the past fresh while also pushing forth to become places of recreation and creativity.

This design is by f – janssen (Austria). Combining “25” with a typical photo from Berlin – showing both the Berlin Wall and the TV tower – connects Berlin’s past and present with the anniversary

The East Side Gallery on Warsaw Street is a popular destination. Known as one of the largest outdoor art galleries in the world, the gallery hosts 101 large-format murals are painted upon a remaining piece of the Berlin Wall. Ranging from political statements to celebratory paintings of peace, it is an overwhelming artful testament to the fall of the wall.

This design’s from Top Level designer A&V (Lithuania). A&V brilliantly represents “2” and “5” as the split wall, with the Brandenburg Gate appearing behind it.

Known now as a startup hub in former East Berlin, Mitte, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg still carry the memories of a bygone era – even though things have changed from that unfathomable era.

Looking at a map, you quickly realize where the heart of the Berlin startup scene is. Young companies have invigorated former East Berlin. On the streets you can now hear many other languages, in addition to English. Colorful graffiti adorns the walls of the buildings.

East Berlin has evolved over the past few years to become a startup hub and meeting place for many different cultures. In order to call the day back into memory, that this has given us the opportunity to do, you can journey through a variety of Berlin locations from some of the best posters from our community contest. Be curious and keep your eyes open!

This additional design by f – janssen took an entirely different approach. “2” and “5” are cleverly incorporated into the design, while also representing the reunification of East and West.

And here’s some of the winning designs in our Berlin office!


Thanks to all of the amazing designers that entered!