99designs Cafe was back in Surabaya again last month on October 29th at Cafe Heerlijk at the Central Bank Library (Perpustakaan Bank Indonesia). To celebrate the Youth Pledge Day, which falls on the day before, we handed out red & white T-shirts, the colors representing the Indonesian flag.

Big thanks to Cafe Heerlijk and the Perpustakaan Bank Indonesia for letting us use their awesome space!


During the event, we had the pleasure and honor of having Junanto Herdiawan (Iwan) as one of our speakers. He’s the Chief Economist at the Bank Indonesia Regional Office in Surabaya, as well as an author and a flying traveller (check out his awesome photos on Instagram).

99 cafe
Bank Indonesia’s Chief Economist Junanto Herdiawan (or Iwan as he likes to be called) delivers a fun yet insightful commentary on today’s creative economy

Although his talk was short, it was fresh and inspiring. He spoke about how the creative industry can help increase the economical growth of a country, particularly Indonesia. There are plenty of resources, and it’s great to see that even Bank Indonesia is supporting this creative growth by providing a space where these creatives can market and promote their products:

“Currently, Indonesia’s economic growth is heading towards the extraction of natural resources, eg. coal, oil, and palm trees. Natural resources can one day be exhausted, but creativity will never run out. Where there are people, creativity exists. As time goes on, our ideas will keep on evolving,” said Iwan.

Our audience definitely believes that he was an insightful and a fun speaker to have!

Xgo from Surabaya Mural Union (SMS) shows some of the group’s best work during his presentation
Our Ambassador arwino presents Iwan with the certificate of appreciation

We were also lucky to have our friends from the local creative community Surabaya Mural Union (Serikat Mural Surabaya, commonly referred to as SMS), join the event and gave a presentation. They’ve created a lot of well known mural/street artwork around Surabaya. Here are some photos of the collaboration work between SMS and our 99designers.

The finished mural that members of the SMS and 99designers collaborated on throughout the event

99designers Rozie’sDesign� and Vall One™ working on the basic sketch on the mural

At its core, 99designs Cafe is about collaboration and networking – it seems no one had trouble doing these two things that night, judging by this picture!

A special and warm welcome goes to two other local creative communities Warkop Troya and Surabaya Punya Cerita who attended and made the event more fun and packed! We appreciate your support for 99designs Cafe.

Our MC Ripta (third from right) surrounded by attendants showing some of the goodies on display during the event

Comic books by Warkop Troya

Merchandise and face sketch offered by local communities participating on the night

As always, we’d like to thank everyone who attended and those who helped us make the event possible!

A few attendants posing in front of the finished mural by SMS and 99designers



This month, we brought 99designs Cafe to the home of our biggest Indonesian designer community, Yogyakarta (Jogja)!

The city has long been known as the artistic hub of Indonesia, with more than a fair share of 99designers hailing from or around the city. So it’s no wonder the response for the Cafe was overwhelmingly huge there.

This month’s event was held at Legend Coffee, a laid-back cafe located at the centre of the city, with focus on games and all-round fun. We couldn’t have asked for a better venue, because despite the high-brow discussions that our speakers’ presentations encouraged, our ultimate goal was so that everyone enjoyed themselves – and judging from the pictures below, they did!

Legend Coffee provided for the attendants a familiar ambience with its house-style exterior

Getting ready for the start of 99designs Cafe!

We had the honour of hosting three esteemed speakers at the event – Art Institute of Indonesia in Yogyakarta (ISI) lecturer and design professor Sumbo Tinarbuko, visual director Ong Hari Wahyu and Top Level designer Sukriyadi Sukartoen.

Both Sumbo and Ong hosted an open discussion session with attendants, where the former covered the topics of self-branding while the latter discussed the importance of concept and creativity. These were then followed by Sukriyadi’s presentation on inspiration and conceptualisation of character design.

On top of that, he also held a live drawing show, a whimsical illustration of the Indonesian 99designer community, which was unveiled at the end of the event.

ISI lecturer Sumbo Tinarbuko covered the topic of self-branding for graphic designers


Visual director Ong Hari Wahyu received our certificate of appreciation after discussing the importance of concept and creativity with 99designs Cafe’s attendants


Top Level designer Sukriyadi Sukartoen shows us how it’s done! The live drawing show of character design was a big hit of the night

The day wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our volunteers Ikhwan Abdullah, Hendy Nugraha, Tangguh Karya, Michael Florenso, Saifuddin Waqiah, Hery Krist, Andreas Tyo, Fathuri Brully and Galih Timbul Raharjo; the Ambassadors; speakers and of course, the Legend Coffee crew, so we here at 99designs would like to thank them for their time and effort.

And lastly, we thank each and every one who participated in the event! See you at the next 99designs Cafe!

One half of our Ambassadors for the event, Nazifa Delfina (Vina) with her certificate of appreciation

Our other esteemed Ambassador Vonny Widiyanto together with our MC for the night, Hendy Nugraha


From L-R: Vina, Sumbo, Vonny, Ong, Sukriyadi and Legend Coffee manager Ajie Nugros

Some of the attendants for the night. Thank you everyone for coming!