Quiznos has long been a fan of our design community and their contests have regularly pulled impressive results. Last year they tasked designers with re-imagining their iconic toaster and awarded 15 fantastic illustrations.

This time around, the hunt was on for original, sub-loving superheroes to fill their 2015 calendar and decorate the corporate office. Designers were encouraged to come up with off-the-wall characters of their very own. The catch? Contestants needed to use the international restaurant chain’s sandwich wrapper as the canvas.

Once again, 99designers stepped up to the challenge and submitted some truly heroic work. Check out 12 of our favorite Quiznos superheroes below!

Quiznos superheroes
Quiznos superheroes
Quiznos superhero
Quiznos superheroes
Quiznos retro style
Quiznos superheroes
Quiznos mascot
Quiznos comic book
Quiznos Halloween
Quiznos calendar illustration
Quiznos calendar

Which Quiznos superheroes are your favorite? Tell us in the comments!