When Rio de Janeiro’s mayor launched a contest to create the celebration logo for the city’s 450th anniversary, we couldn’t let it go without a community contest! We were anxious to see what our community would come up with.
As we expected, you didn’t let us down. We received 2,100 entries from over 400 designers. It was fantastic to see people from over the whole world committed to creating the Rio de Janeiro’s 450th Anniversary celebration identity. There were so many beautiful designs that made it a difficult decision to choose the final eight, let alone the winner. So a big THANK YOU to all!

Congratulations to the winner: G.design.plus


G.design.plus — Rio's 450th anniversary
Well done! This concept got our attention because it represents the idea of connection around the city. Anyone who lives in Rio de Janeiro knows about the warm and happy community, one that makes everybody feel welcome. The connection between the ‘Cariocas’ (people who was born/ live in Rio) and the tourists is electric!
Additionally, the colors were well-chosen: blue for all blue water that surrounds Rio; yellow for the beloved sun which makes the city shine brighter; and the green for all nature that lives among the buildings and streets. The gradient used also strengthens the main concept of connection.



Tomillo — Rio's 450th anniversary
Honorable mention goes to Tomillo, who did an amazing work creating a story board to explain us how he came up with his concept. Fantastic!


Designer.du — Rio's 450th anniversary


CreativeFox — Rio's 450th anniversary


krishna99 — Rio's 450th anniversary


leona — Rio's 450th anniversary


IonutLogoDesign — Rio's 450th anniversary


gatro* — Rio's 450th anniversary


OliverReika — Rio's 450th anniversary

What do you think of the winner? Let us know in the comments!

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