There’s no law that says logos for lawyers must include the iconic scales of justice or the typical judge’s gavel. Just because something is precedent doesn’t mean it’s right. As an attorney, you must object to overused legal logo designs.

Generic legal logos

Go bold! Get creative! You can use traditional legal imagery in new and creative ways. Or you can forge a new path and create a truly unique logo for your law firm.

Discover the appeal of working with a talented graphic designer who will create a legal logo to make you and your firm stand out in a lineup. Here’s supporting evidence in the case to make a statement.

In defense of legal icons in logos

You’ve already heard testimony about the creative crime of overused symbolism (a.k.a. generic logos). While these symbols may represent law and order, they’re forgettable and fade in with the rest of the legal logo lineup.

However, we shouldn’t judge them too harshly. After all, these symbols are instantly recognizable. A creative designer can add imaginative elements to create an effective logo design.

Logo design by DIX LIX MIX for Ozarks Family Law

What’s the verdict on these fresh twists on generic legal logos? The court finds them striking and memorable.

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Submit evidence of your brand’s intent

Attorneys suffer from negative stereotyping (hence, the eight billion lawyer jokes you’ll find on social media), so it’s important that your practice’s logo conjures positive associations.

What qualities do you want your brand to convey? Think honesty, trustworthiness, authority, strength and advocacy, to name a few.

Logo design by MarkoBo for Divorce Packs

These compelling examples show that logo designs act as character witnesses who help to define your brand and plead your case to the public at large.

Does your law specialty warrant consideration?

Logos that demonstrate your expertise with specialty law will court the people’s attention. Consider designs that communicate your unique value—personal injury, elder, family, entertainment, tax law or whatever the case may be.

lemon law legal logo
Logo design by nosKILL1343

Legal logos that display your specialty with conviction will build a buzz about your law biz.

Witness the appeal of featuring your name

Many law firms build a reputation based on their name. Make a powerful statement with a logo design that displays the name of your legal practice in a distinct and distinguished way.

Logo design by Terry Bogard
Logo design by Terry Bogard for Juan Maria Naveja Consultor

Whether letters combined with icons or simple but dynamic monograms, these legal logos inspire confidence in the firms they represent.

Legal logo designs will color judgment

People have strong subliminal associations with different colors. The colors you use in your legal logo are particularly significant, as color can have powerful and far-reaching implications for your brand. For example, red is often associated with power, while blue is thought to reflect calm. Green can communicate new beginnings (as well as money), and purple is often associated with royalty.


Logo design by meadow for Jiffy Process Serving

From bold and saturated, to subtle pastels, or even black and white—the choice of color in your logo design will make a statement about your brand. So it’s critical to spend time deliberating.

A closing statement about legal logo design

In summation, there’s just no pardoning a boring legal logo. Not when you can have the creative judgment and professional skill of a graphic designer to ensure your logo prevails.

Need a logo for your law practice?
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