Blue skies and breathtaking views as far as the eye can see… What’s better than the great outdoors? Nature is chock full of the most magnificent, awe-inspiring, straight-up stunning imagery in the universe—and if you want your brand to make an impact, nature logos might be just the way to go.

Nature logos are an obvious choice for any type of business that people typically associate with nature or the outdoors. Think sports, outdoor adventures, yoga studios or organic food brands. But even if “nature” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your company, you can still bring it into your brand in an effective way.

Depending on what imagery you use, you can communicate all sorts of feelings, emotions and brand attributes to your audience. Are you a brand that wants to to position yourself as strong and unwavering? Incorporate mountains into your logo. Going for a more chill, laid-back vibe? Try designing your logo around the beach.

The point is, no matter who you are as a brand or how you want your audience to see you, there’s a way to communicate that using images and colors found in nature.

Let’s take a look at some of the best nature logos out there (and when you should use them) so you get inspired by good ol’ Mother Nature.

Serene nature logos

Nature can often be a serene experience. Laying by the beach listening to the waves, eating lunch at the base of a tree, watching snow slowly fall on a mountaintop… Just thinking about those things can make you feel all sorts of calm.

Well, guess what? You can invoke that same sense of warm, fuzzy calm in your audience when you incorporate the right imagery into your logo. Incorporating serene nature images (think gentle waves, lush flowers or scenic mountains) is a fast-track towards getting your audience to associate peacefulness with your brand.

A serene nature logo is a great fit for a “calm-focused” businesses like yoga studios, spas or herbal tea companies.

Logo-Design von ArtFeel für Olive Tree Aesthetics
Logo-Design von Piasecki für North Star Dental Care
Logo-Design von Ana Logo für The Green Spa
Logo-Design von RotRed
Logo-Design von Savanamm
Logo-Design von Dimitry99
Logo-Design von Savanamm für Maggie Spade
Logo-Design von Flavia2767 für Ubu Life Coaching

Rugged nature logos

Nature can definitely be serene, but the flipside is also true. Nature can be rough, and depending on what kind of business you run (and what kind of feelings you’re trying to stir up in your audience), leaning more on the rugged side of nature could be a better bet for your logo.

Head this direction if your brand is all about being tough, adventurous, resilient and an all-around bad-ass. Think businesses like: Crossfit gyms, river-rafting tour guides or snowboarding gear. Incorporating more rugged nature imagery will build more of a connection with your ideal audience. Imagery like forests, mountaintops, or animals (like a wolf!) will do the trick.

Rough Monk Outdoors logo
Logo design by Gwydion for Rough Monk Outdoors
Logo-Design von Dusan Klepik DK™
Logo-Design von Dusan Klepik DK™
Logo-Design von Mat W
Logo-Design von Neatlines für Tuebor
Logo-Design von Widakk für Nomad Nutrition
Logo-Design von Enola für Rocky Mountain High
Logo-Design von Enola für Outreach America
Logo-Design von vupeyadu für Savage Ax Throwing

Subtle nature logos

Sometimes, bigger is better. But when it comes to nature logos, the opposite is often true.

If your brand isn’t directly tied to the outdoors—or if you don’t want your branding to be all about nature imagery—a little goes a long way. It is possible to incorporate nods to nature in your logo without it taking over the design or feeling too over the top.

If you’re running a more traditional business (like a consulting firm or a law office), using limited imagery and natural colors is the best way to get the perks of incorporating nature into your logo without confusing your audience.

Property investment logo
Logo design by svart ink
Logo-Design von Piasecki
Logo-Design von Logo Dish für Walter Sky
Logo-Design von Ana Logo für Coral Wave Capital
Logo-Design von lemoor für Gardenbyte
Logo-Design von Cope_HMC
Logo-Design von Leaf logo design
Logo-Design von ann@
Logo-Design von Mad Pepper

Kids nature logos

Whether it’s playing in the mud, splashing in the lake or running through the park, kids love nature. And if you have a brand targeted towards kids (like a children’s clothing line, a childcare center or a toy company), you can definitely take advantage of that love of nature and build a stronger connection with your tiny-sized audience by incorporating nature imagery into your logo design.

When it comes to successfully designing a nature logo for kids, remember who you’re designing for. Kids like color, cartoon-like graphics and fun. Even though you’re technically marketing to the parents, the more kid-friendly your logo, the more likely parents will do business with you.

Logo-Design von Small Bottle für Blue Bird Day Care
Logo-Design von Cross The Lime für Nature-inspired Playgrounds
Logo-Design von Sspark
Logo-Design von ananana14

Bring the great outdoors into your brand

There’s nothing more inspiring than nature, and if you want a logo design that’s going to connect with your audience, consider bringing the great outdoors into your brand. The key to success? Know who you are, and use nature to paint that picture for your audience.

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