Who’s the best pet parent in the whole world? Is it you, goodboy? Do you get a treat?

Hold up, do you have a portrait of your pet displayed prominently in your salon? If not, then you’re clearly slacking in your fur-baby obsession. Lucky for you, it’s easy and affordable to hire the perfect graphic artist to capture your cat/dog/horse/iguana’s unique je ne sais quoi.

Why pet portraits?

Pets are more than just animals, they’re members of our family. They have their own personalities; they enrich our lives; and we love them unconditionally. It’s been common for hundreds of years to display portraits of ourselves and our loved ones, so it’s not a big leap to show our artistic appreciation for our scaly or furry friends.

portrait of border collie with mountains
I commissioned a portrait of my parents’ dog, Cheyenne, in an impressionist style (one of their favorite types of art). By lofosparalogos.

Many people have pet portraits commissioned as a way to memorialize a pet that has passed. Others just enjoy hanging unique, personalized artwork in their homes. A few years ago, I commissioned a portrait of my parents’ aging dog as a Christmas gift for them. Since then Cheyenne (who I guess would be my dog sister?) has passed away. My parents have her portrait hung in their kitchen as a loving reminder of their favorite daughter (who am I kidding?).

Whatever your reasons, you want a pet portrait that expresses your style and your animal’s personality. Let’s take a look at the options.

Different types of pet portraits

Often when you think of a portrait, you imagine an oil painting, or perhaps a colored pencil sketch, hanging in a gilded frame on a wall. This is a lovely option, but is far from your only choice in pet portraits.

Cat laptop decal
Cat’s love sitting on laptops. Make it permenant. By ghozai.
Watercolor dog t-shirt
Watercolor dog t-shirt by Konstantin Kostenko
cat coloring book
Make your pet portrait interactive. Cat coloring book by LizYee.
Man and dog tattoo
A tattoo of you and your best friend? By Future is Today

If you’re thinking of getting a pet portrait, consider all of your options. Maybe you want to tattoo your cat on your ankle (their favorite spot to rub against), or maybe you want a laptop decal of your dog, or perhaps t-shirts for the whole family?

Pet portrait inspiration

I have one cat who sits on the arm of our couch like she’s a monorail. I have another who licks the paint on my dresser when he’s feeling anxious. I’m going to guess your babies are just as quirky as mine in their own ways. Highlight their uniqueness in a pet portrait by choosing the right style. Here are a bunch of ideas:

Keep it real, keep it classic

Even if you like the classic look, pet portraits aren’t one-size-fits-all. Perhaps your gerbil is best represented by deep, thick oil paints. Or maybe your maltese is better suited to the sketchy, light lines of colored pencils.

dog looking out window
by MirkoAndricDesign™
golden doodle portrait
via Lisa Ober
dog with long hair portrait
via nosoart
rottweiler and guitar
deer painting
Okay, so you might not have a pet deer. But we love Five-Oclock’s magical style!
cat illustration
border collie painting
by Mo’Bureau
orange cat painting
by ZimmermanArtist
drawing of two parrots
by Yokaona
rabbit oil painting
via MovchunArtStudio
gecko drawing
via v.steiner

Embrace your inner artistic-cat

Art is about more than the subject it depicts, the style itself tells a story. From the visible, movement-filled brush strokes of the impressionists, to the bold in-your-face colors of pop art, you can depict your purr-ball or pup’s personality by picking the perfect style.

pop art pug
via WeekdayBest
watercolor bird portrait
by Ava N Garda
dog in surrealist surroundings
by lofosparalogos
geometric cat tattoo
via ltwtattoo
origami dog tattoo
via ying_tattoo
via Amanda Remmington
stylized greyhound portrait
via Elle J. Wilson
pattern dog
via mateasinkovec

Too dog-gone cute

What percentage of the photos on your phone are of your pets? Face it: your pets are insufferably cute. Definitely way more adorable than any other garter snake and hedgehog pair out there. You’re really not sure why their instagram account isn’t getting more followers… Sounds like you’re in the market for a cute, cartoony or otherwise aww-inducing pet portrait.

cute puppy illustration
by KateMar
fat puppy chasing bone tattoo
Source unknown
skateboarding weiner dog
chihuahua portrait
by heribertus haryo
cute cat t-shirt
watercolor fat cat
by tanikadelaet
naughty doggy
by FoxArtStudio
girl hugging puppy
by amris

Bad to the bone

It’s sometimes hard to remember that our pets were originally bred for practical purposes, like herding sheep, catching mice or hunting badgers (you do know that’s what dachshunds are for, right?). Maybe you want to celebrate the more badass side of your bone-chewing buddy. If so, we’ve got some inspiration for you, too:

phoenix t-shirt
by Black Arts 888
badass sphinx cat
by borisris
cool kitty
guy riding a lizard with machine guns
you know you want a portrait of yourself riding your lizard. By iqzir08.
skateboarding cat
by Zombijana Bones

Pets are people. Literally.

You swear your parakeet has feelings—he was totally crying when you accidentally yelled at him that one time. And your conversations with Mr. Pickles are most definitely not one sided. Pets are people. Bring that out in their portrait. From whimsical plays on classical portraiture to posing animals in playful anthropomorphic settings, we’re loving this pets-as-people portraits trend.

dog in bomber jacket
via Pompous Pets
japanese cat
by MattDyckStudios
Cat in a tie
by miridi
cat smoking and playing guitar
by Rly Designs
cat and dog out to dinner
by kazoe
hamster duke
via Carol Lew

Snuggle up to the weird

Things you didn’t do before you had pets, but you now consider to be totally normal: pick up poop, buy music for cats or consider the validity of pet psychologists. These weird balls of fuzz (or feathers) change us. Why not embrace that weirdness in your pet’s portrait?

dali style cat
by Valeriedraws
surrealistic cat
This may be my favorite pet portrait of all time. By CheeseProdigy.
art nouveau dog
weird dog drawing
by ERosner
dog in snorkel mask
by lofosparalogos
king cat
by diwaz
3d neon cat head women’s body
via Emma Stern

How to hire the right artist for your pet’s portrait

Whether it’s on your walls or on your body, any art you display should make you happy, especially if you’re commissioning custom work. There are two good ways go about getting a pet portrait created:

Host an illustration contest

If you’re not sure exactly what style you’re looking for, a design contest is a great option. Here’s how they work:

  1. You fill out a creative brief explaining your style and needs (and uploading a couple of photos of your pet as reference).
  2. Designers from all over the world submit ideas based on your brief.
  3. You rate the designs and pick a few of your favorite artists to work with as finalists.
  4. Finalists make tweaks according to your feedback.
  5. You pick a winner (or multiple if you just can’t choose)!

When I got a portrait done of Cheyenne, this is the route I went. I knew I wanted something that was an homage to one of my parents’ favorite art styles, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. In my brief I gave designers a list of styles:

  • Posters by Toulouse Lautrec
  • Rembrandt paintings
  • The Impressionists (especially Van Gogh)

I got back dozens of amazing ideas, here were three of the finalists:

Toulouse Lautrec dog poster
Toulouse Lautrec Cheyenne by Rly Designs
Rembrandt style dog portrait
Rembrandt Cheyenne by Rly Designs
border collie with mountains illustration
Impressionistic Cheyenne by lofosparalogos

We ultimately chose the impressionistic style by lofosparalogos as our winner, and worked with the designer to add a tennis ball (one of Cheyenne’s favorite things) into the finished piece.

Launch an illustration contest →

Hire an artist or designer

If you have a pretty clear idea of what you want, or if you find an artist whose style you love, you can hire them directly.

cat in eagles jersey
Portrait of Miss Kitty by Daria V.

Earlier this year, one of our colleagues left 99designs. As a parting gift, we had a portrait of her cat, Miss Kitty, commissioned. We chose an artist whose quirky style fit our colleague’s personality.  We then added a bunch of personalized details and inside jokes to make it something that would be truly special (and force our colleague to remember us long after she left).

How do you find the right artist for you? You can search for a freelance illustrator on 99designs, browse Etsy or Pinterest or look at local artists in your area. Take some time to look through portfolios. It’s also highly recommended to ask if they’ve done pet portraits before.

(As a pro tip, we’ve linked each of the examples in this article to their artist, whether or not they work on 99designs. If you see something you like, click to see their profiles and inquire about rates.)

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