Meant to essentially be a Twitter for videos, Vine is a fairly new app that allows users to create and upload 6-second clips. Just another way to get a short glimpse into someone’s life or artwork. Tons of creatives have been getting on the Vine boat, creating a vibrant social network of short-feature directors.

The best thing about a really good Vine video is that it’s creators think out of the box, making creative work that can inspire any artist or designer. Below are 13 videos that inspire us in 13 different ways:

(Note: click the icon on the top left of each video to hear sound)

Connect the dots

Pinot, Creativity is about connecting the dots.

Imagine the future

yelldesign, New “Real Fruit” app

Use what you’ve got


Build something new

Mark Weaver, Untitled Lego Vine

Change your perspective

Yves Das, Tape Drivers

Change it again

Matt Swinsky, Lazer as Chun Li

Tell a story

Chris Donlon, Poor Sisyphus

Re-imagine the past

Man Bartlett, Untitled

Play with your food

Jethro Ames, How to Play with your food, Oregon Trail edition


General Electric, What happens when you combine milk, food coloring, and dish soap?

Get inspired by a cause

Khoa, The Polar Bear needs love National Geographic!

Let yourself be a little weird

Adam Goldberg, youandiwillalwaysbe

Keep creating art

Ian Padgham, “Thomas Hardy” by @origiful

Love other Vine videos? Link to them below!