What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by highlighting designs that bring attention to environmental causes supported by our customers? The challenge of creating a logo in this space is to show the nature of the industry and create strong associations to what is being termed “The Green Movement”, while still creating something original and suitable to the particular company at hand.

These designers did a great job, and the companies represented have been following through by doing great things for our planet earth. It is, after all, the only one we’ve got!

Chris Elias


Hackertøwn, a Brooklyn, NY firm is not only innovative in its design but also its goals. By providing a space for both virtual and actual communities which allows other environmentally-minded businesses to flourish. This design creatively combines the typical signage of ‘green’ designs, such as trees and the color green, with the symbols of the tech industry.



Latinos Go Green is a non-profit grassroots organization that encourages the Hispanic community to participate in the environmental debate and find solutions for our planet starting locally. This logo, and especially the typeface, convey the forward thinking, youthful appeal of the organization.

Sajjad Pazhayillaf


Greenbelt Alliance is an SF Bay Area nonprofit that works diligently throughout the entire Bay Area to ensure that developments help move towards a more sustainable and green future. This T-shirt design combines both an urban and a grassy feel.




Eco Box Systems is a Canadian company that creates recyclable boxes for large volume shipping using responsibly sourced post-consumer corrugate materials. This design incorporates a sprout to indicate green, while incorporating it into a box to represent the company.



CRSP is a program that works with American universities and the US Agency for International Development (oooh, official) to work against hunger and poverty in developing countries. This includes using technology and science to make food and water more accessible and available to populations in Africa, Asia and Central America. The logo uses an excellent combination of typical environmental logos, such as the leaf, and combines it with each aspect of their instituion: livestock, crops, water and, of course, people!

Creative Sense


GRASP is an officially sponsored commission by the European Union to provide sustainability options in the face of population and developmental growth. That’s official! We love how this design from Creative Sense crafts the shape of Europe as the leafy greens of a tree. Very sustainable indeed.



Mr. and Mrs. Green is a German high-end clothing company that uses only environmentally friendly materials. MrcelaDesigns cleverly made this optical illusion of a design, have the leaf function both as a sign of how the store is eco-friendly, but also showing off the woman’s shapely curves.

Which green design inspires you most to help our planet?