We humans have been using metal for a long time—long enough that we divide ages of human history by the types of metal tools ancient peoples were using. So it should be no surprise that metal carries a lot of connotations—from building to agriculture to war to jewelry—and it makes sense why in modern times a metallic aesthetic can be a powerful tool for logo design.

If you’re considering a metal look for your next design project, keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to pull off a metallic logo. To help you evoke just the right feeling in your customers, we’ve rounded up some inspiring examples of metallic logo design. Let’s dive in!

High tech metal

From the Bronze Age to the Computer Age, metal has always been associated with the latest technology.  After all, it’s not something we usually find in nature, which means our minds associate it with being man-made. Heck, even the phrase “shiny and new” indicates a bright metal logo conveys a sense of the new.

If you’re a tech company, a metal logo can show you’re on the cutting edge. But it’s not just for computers; anything that releases new versions on a regular basis can benefit from appearing shiny and new. Cars, for instance. Even artists and musicians can remind their fans that they’re constantly creating new material, utilizing a metallic logo.

Gaming League Logo
Logo design by Randys
Oidid Logo
Logo design by JustinQ™
Stealthy and Aggressive Car
Logo design by Zarkum

Luxurious gold

Gold has been used as money for most of human civilization (for various reasons we won’t go into here). Suffice it to say, “gold = valuable” is something most people in most places and times understand.

If you want to show your product is both luxurious and rare, gold is the way to go. Focus on reflective, yellow-gold in particular. This is what we most associate with wealth. But don’t overdo it, by making the entire logo gold (we’ll address that in a later section).

Luxurious Logo for Vault3
Logo design by Deezign Depot
Royale energy logo
Logo design by Dimitry99
Seoul Knowledge logo
Logo design by davis | theroud
Kolikof Caviar logo
Logo design by GOOSEBUMPS
Logo for Access Jewelry
Logo design by Katerina Lebedeva
Yacht club logo
Logo design by Dexterous”
Logo for Kiaaron Collection
Logo design by TheBluebird
real estate investment and management company logo
Logo design by Genovius

Subtle silver

On the other hand, gold is a bit obvious, isn’t it? Silver isn’t quite as rare as gold, but it has still been used as a store of value for millennia. Thus, it carries many of the same connotations as gold, including wealth, prestige and beauty.

Ironically, it’s used less often in marketing and advertising to portray these concepts. If you want your luxury goods to really stand out, a silver logo is a subtle way to accomplish that.

Hotel logo
Logo design by anapekic
Farah Barakat Jewelry logo
Logo design by Hbrand™
Lion’s Crest Insurance logo
Logo design by FRITO-DESIGNstudio™
Real estate logo
Sleek and elegant logo design by anapekic
Southern Akoya Restaurant logo
Logo design by Maria Nersi
Financial Education Platform logo
Logo design by rugbyjerseys

Gaudy gold

Sometimes, subtlety isn’t what you’re going for. If you’re in the kind of business that encourages ostentatious displays of wealth, then gold can definitely serve as the foundation for your metallic logo.

What sets this apart from a mere “luxury” brand is that a little does not go a long way, if you really want to hit the audience over the head with the potential of your product. You want to show that they can win so much money, they’ll be able to waste gold.

But don’t stop there. Use large, bold (and gold) fonts. Emphasize the glitter by putting your gold against a dark background. And don’t forget your complementary and triadic color schemes. Gold, which is yellow, pairs well with red, blue, and purple. Plus, purple has the extra association with royalty, which can work for that sort of brand.

Vegas hockey tournament logo
Logo design by JK Graphix
Golden tree logo
Logo design by Flor Clavel
Cayo logo design
Logo design by Vespertilio™
Logo for cryptocurrency show
Logo design by 300_team
Averse Lands logo
Logo design by Akira X3
Logo for Rite of Passing
Logo design by Vespertilio™
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game logo
Logo design by Akira X3

Heavy metal

Metal isn’t just about fancy jewelry and conspicuous displays of riches. A metallic logo can be practical, too. Focus on the kinds of metals that do real work, and don’t be afraid to let them get dirty.

Iron, steel, and bronze are used for weapons and tools. They’re pretty badass, too. If you want to show how sturdy and tough your product is, or even how tough you are, a solid, metallic logo presents that strongly.

Gun store logo
Logo design by Hes4Ka
Vulcano Designs
Logo design by snxgfx
Logo and business card design for a portable welding company
Logo design by Mad pepper
Logo design for Wooden City
Logo design by Vespertilio™
Strong Intent logo
Logo design by NOVACHB
Macho man care logo
Logo design by Yulianto.dedy
Logo for Carbon Grey comic book
Logo design by Vespertilio™
A “fast” logo for Fast Edie
Logo design by Vespertilio™
Origin Hero logo
Logo design by Chimfanzy Bros

Going for the gold (and silver)

Gold, silver and bronze medals have been awarded at the Olympics since 1904. And, of course, trophies have been awarded for achievement long before that.

If you’re a sports-focused company, a gold logo will help create that aspirational aspect for your players. But don’t neglect other metals in your logo. Silver or chrome still communicate strength and solidity, whether you’re looking for something more subtle than gold, or more badass.

Game dough logo
Logo design by Vespertilio™
3RD & TEN logo
Logo design by LeverageCraft
Logo for Stroformance Elite
Logo design by Virtuoso”
Competition logo
Logo design by Dexterous”
Espor Arena Project logo
Logo design by Dexterous”
Love of The Game Center logo
Logo design by Dexterous”

Leafy gold accent

If your logo is going to be embossed on a business card, you have to consider how it will look in the physical, real world. Gold is really easy to overdo (see the “gaudy” section above). What’s worse, it can be hard to read in certain light.

If you intend to use faux-gold leaf on your card, a simple, elegant logo is the way to go. Make sure it’s set against a plain, solid background, either black or white. This really makes the gold shine, but just as importantly, makes it legible no matter how the light is hitting it.

BDSM life coaching logo
Logo design by 99Spy
Luca Fontani logo
Logo design by ultrastjarna
Elegant Lawyers Logo
Logo design by ultrastjarna
Logo for Ayelet candles
Simple, modern logo design by merci dsgn
Onyx jewelry logo
This logo, designed by Hugo Maja, is about presenting exclusivity and prestige.
StarDust logo
Logo design by Gstars
Amalfi coast inspired logo
Logo design by goreta
Corporate wellness center logo
Logo design by Niki A

Show your metal

A metallic logo is extremely versatile—perfect for any number of industries and professions—but it’s also easy to overdo. Make sure you choose a metallic logo that shows the strength of your brand but doesn’t blind your prospective customers with its sheen. With an expert designer, you’ll be proud to show your metallic logo to the world.

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