Take a deep breath. Let go of your fear and confusion. We’re going to shed light on yoga logo design.

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Maybe you’ve placed your heart, mind, body and soul, into building your studio where you can share one of the oldest world treasures: yoga. Or, maybe you’re just stretching out with your creative flow and need some inspiration. In either case, just as yoga blocks can help beginners find better alignment when their flexibility isn’t there yet, this simple design guide will put you on the fast track toward branding your own practice.

We’ve laid out a bunch of examples to reveal how the elements commonly found in yoga logos, speak to the collective unconscious of practitioners everywhere. After all, yoga students are often not only physically, but spatially intelligent, and if your logo is accurate, they’ll be able to intuit the essence of your unique brand. Once you learn these basic archetypes, creating your own logo will be as easy as the corpse pose!

We’ve got eight sections: circle, lotus pose, the color purple, sacred geometry, lotus flower, best on the block, leaders of the brand new school, and the cooldown. Let’s grow together.

Circles in yoga logos

One aspect of yoga logos that suggests community is their use of the circle. Communities and teams often gather in circles to share info and energy. Nobody’s in front of a circle, and no one’s in the back, implying a balanced non-hierarchical unit of like-minded friends.

Sunny Mind Yoga logo
Sunny Mind Yoga Logo by Ava N Garda for kathi_yo_ga_girl
Casa De Adega Logo
Casa De Adega Logo by FriendlyLabel for eva.globalyogabergen
Yogi Starz Logo
Yogi Starz by tihadesign for Microseeka

Let’s warm up with The Sunny Mind Yoga logo, which uses thin lines that encompass the company name. This thin line technique is reflected by two logos featuring circles—each embracing the company ideals in their own way. In a different use of the circle, Free Spirit Wild Heart incorporates dots. This technique creates more of an open energy, yet maintains a tranquil and protective aura.

The lotus pose in yoga logos

Images of Bendy Betty doing the destroyer of the universe pose and Fletcher Stretcher in the double buddhasana can make the yoga world an overwhelming place, especially for beginners. That’s why there are an abundance of lotus pose logos to set students’ minds at ease.

The Spinning Yogis logo
The Spinning Yogis logo by dipes for polyvouthelma
Mighty Kids Yoga logo
Mighty Kids Yoga logo by katie_kat
Psyhodelic logo
Psyhodelic logo by Daria V. for jonshocket
Peace Frog Yoga logo
Peace Frog Yoga logo by annas haz
Mindful Reptiles logo
Mindful Reptiles logo by deer 203A for Gerrit P.

The lotus pose doesn’t seem intimidating to a novice, and sitting implies stillness and peace. It’s like a visual way of saying, “Come on in. The water’s just fine.”

Check out The Spinning Yogis who are going with an infinity line to represent not only crossed legs, but bicycle wheels. At their studio, you can travel without moving. Ride on! Mighty Kids Yoga also chose the lotus pose, but this time it’s a friendly yogi bear! Psychedelic Yoga and Buddha Belly Health And Wellness both use Buddhas, while Peace Frog Yoga and Mindful Reptiles stay grounded with a reptilian approach.

Purple in yoga logos

Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of the rainbow. Just a few steps away from x-rays and gamma rays. It’s literally far out, dude. This is a clue as to why the color is associated with supernatural energy and the cosmos, more than our physical world. Next, we’ll look at some logos which use this awe-inspiring color.

Maternal Massage And Fitness logo
Maternal Massage And Fitness logo by SHANAshay for Maternalmassagefitness
Quickie Yoga logo
Quickie Yoga logo by Flavia²⁷⁶⁷ for catherinemiddlebrooks
Subtle Yoga logo
Subtle Yoga logo via logopond

For instance, The Maternal Massage and Fitness logo, employs a repeating female figure which transforms from supernatural energetic purple, to fertile green with an ever increasing baby bump. In the Ashufta Academy, and Quickie Yoga identities, purple indicates a cosmic, supernatural recharging power source. Subtle Yoga’s quiet shade of amethyst shows that the smaller the wavelength, the more powerful the energy.

Sacred geometry in yoga logos

Yoga is built on three different elements: breathing, mental focus and the physical pose. These parts are all related to each other and to yoga as a whole. In the same way, a geometric design can be a metaphor for yoga: something seen as a relationship of part to part and part to whole.

When we look at a geometric design this way and pay attention to its visual rhythm, we start to experience what is called sacred geometry.

“O” Yoga logo
“O” Yoga logo via Behance
Yoga Plus logo
Yoga Plus logo via logopond
Urban Asanas logo
Urban Asanas logo via MWM Graphics
elements3yoga logo
elements3yoga logo by sanjar for andrewtanner

“O” Yoga invokes the image of the human being, and its relationship to the whole cosmos—all in three lines. OM… No, OMG. Not to be outdone in the area of breathtaking simplicity, Yoga Plus does it in two lines. There are no weak links in the chain surrounding Hindu deity, Ganesh, in the Urban Asanas logo. Line and symmetry are the keys to the Elements 3 Yoga and Ritually identities.

The lotus flower in logos

The ancient Egyptians, Buddhists and Hindus, all use the lotus flower symbol. While the full meaning of the symbol is different between cultures, they all share the common motif of rebirth. When it comes to yoga, every practice session and every pose is a chance to be reborn.

Summer Rain Yoga logo
Summer Rain Yoga logo by Sign.Yra for Summerrainyoga
Healer Source logo
Healer Source logo by RedLogo
Yoga 108 logo
Yoga 108 logo by Moniqua
Cosmic Flow Kundalini Yoga logo
Cosmic Flow Kundalini Yoga logo by sithdesigns
Yoga House logo
Yoga House logo via logopond

Summer Rain Yoga’s harmonious combination of a female lotus pose yogi sitting in the unfolding petals of the lotus flower suggest the expansion of the soul. Also getting two-for-one, but in a different way, Yoga 108 and Healer Source are viewing the lotus from above, implying a circle.

The Cosmic Flow Kundalini Yoga logo shows that the growth of the lotus flowers’ pure beauty from the mud of its origin holds a divine spiritual promise. At Yoga House, a home is not necessarily a building, it’s the people.

The best yoga logos on the block

A wise old yogi once said, “If you’re going to have a yoga logo, have the best logo on the block.” But being the best doesn’t necessarily mean doing the most. Sometimes elegance is bliss. The next four examples keep it simple, embrace imperfection and stay subtle. That’s why they’re posing in the yoga pro league.

The Yoga Hive logo
The Yoga Hive logo via yogahive
Georgetown Yoga logo
Georgetown Yoga logo via Lomangino Studio
Moksa Yoga logo
Moksa Yoga logo via famouslogo
Bikram Yoga Dallas logo
Bikram Yoga Dallas logo via yogadallas

At The Yoga Hive, it’s common to sit in a group circle, and use yoga straps, which are rolled in a spiral circle when not in use. The artwork for their logo communicates that. And the uneven circles say, “Nobody’s perfect. Come as you are.” Georgetown Yoga’s aesthetic is simple: find your edge, and find peace.

Moksa Ashtanga Yoga students learn each pose at their own pace with individual guidance from the teacher. This concept is reflected in the logo by having one lotus flower, but making the individual leaves different colors, the same way individuals in a family have different personalities. Just like heat, The Bikram Yoga Dallas logo fills space, because, well, everything’s bigger in Texas! No spiritual symbolism here. No purple, just a hint of red. They’re saying, “Get ready y’all, it’s hot up in here.”

The brand new school of yoga logos

BKS Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Pattabhi Jois, Yogi Bhajan and Bikram Choudhury are the old school gurus of yoga in the western world. Sun salutations to them. Now on the horizon, there’s a new school of yogis using social media to share their brands with the world.

This final batch (selected from The 50 Most Influential Yoga Teachers Online in 2017) has made it to the yoga Super Bowl. These outfits are putting up big-time numbers, and their logos are a significant part of their success. Let’s get inspired by the top six of these leaders in the brand new school of yoga.

oneOeight logo
oneOeight logo via oneoeight
Guiding Strala logo
Guiding Strala logo via tarastiles
Jason Crandell Yoga logo
Jason Crandell Yoga logo via jasonyoga
Yoga Medicine logo
Yoga Medicine logo via yogamedicine
Omstars logo
Omstars logo via omstars
Yoga With Adriene logo
Yoga With Adriene logo via yogawithadriene


The infinity legs lotus pose identity for Tara Stiles’ book, Guiding Strala, is as easygoing and loose as a length of cooked spaghetti. Jason Crandell’s crane pose logo not only communicates his message: power, precision, and mindfulness, it resembles a human brain in profile. That’s mental.

Four warm colored overlapping rings symbolize the “move, calm, nourish, explore” pillars of Rachel Brathen’s oneOeight. The typeface of Yoga With Adrian has an alluring country charm, just like she does! Two interlocking shapes forming a medical cross show Tiffany Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine logo’s blending of eastern and western modalities, and it’s also a “T” for Tiffany! Just like her popularity has exploded, Kino Macgregor’s Omstar logo takes a leaf out of the old lotus flower, and explodes it into a squared star vortex.

The cooldown

Now that your knowledge of how basic yoga archetypes work is more limber, it’s time to conceptualize your own yoga logo.

Correct your posture, relax your mind, and form the Gyana mudra to get your concentration and creativity flowing. Meditate on what sets your brand apart from other studios. Visualize your ideal advanced student. See the benefits that student will experience because of your training. Now see that student’s t-shirt. Boom, there’s your logo. Generally, the first thing you see, is what you should work with. Can you see it?

Let that idea flow like a smooth vinyasa set from your mind to a professional graphic designer. Together you’ll manifest a refined logo which, like a rare earth magnet, will pull your practice, vision, and message into alignment.

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