At 99designs we are always keen to hear the growth stories of our customers. Helping small businesses grow a brand is a speciality of ours, and we love to hear how the platform has enabled entrepreneurs in the UK to get their business off the ground; whatever sector they are in.

A true entrepreneur

We met Bhavik Haria at the London Business Show in May of this year and he had an amazing story to tell, about not just one but two parallel careers in music and in corporate video. Clearly with the entrepreneurial spirit running through him at a young age, Bhavik chose an alternate route to success by opting out of his University course two-weeks in and deciding instead to focus on this photography and videography.

Entrepreneur and musician Bhavik Haria

This proved to be a masterstroke and since 2011 his video production company, Cincera has grown from a one-man start-up to a digital video agency with a team of 8 staff, and more expansion is set to come. With an HQ in Elstree, famed for it’s film and video heritage, Cincera help businesses share their stories visually through the internet, helping their brands to grow – a little like us here at 99designs.

Branding a music career

Bhavik is not just building an awesome video company but also a very talented artist. Bhavik sings and performs around the world to both private and public to audiences ranging from 50 to 40,000. When he was starting out he needed a logo to promote his services and had approached some local logo designers in London to provide his branding work. None of the logos fitted the bill so it was costly and did not achieve the results he was after. Then when discussing the issue with another local entrepreneur, Bhavik was recommended 99designs.

Bhavik explained that “It was a total no-brainer” to use 99designs. He entered his logo brief, with the clear intention of wanting his initials in there somehow, plus a representation of a harmonium. The results were both immediate and completely on point. The winning design was exactly what he wanted and it cleverly intertwines all the visual elements of his brief. It’s a logo that he has used now across his website, business cards, posters and more.

logo design

Design by Shonetu

Why Crowdsource your logo?

Here are the four things that Bhavik cites as the key benefits of crowdsourcing his logo though 99designs:

1. It’s efficient

It’s all on one portal, so you can access it from your mobile. As a company founder Bhavik is always on the go so being able to easily provide feedback from the touch of a button is crucial!

2. It’s affordable

There are different packages and the rates are brilliant. Simple as that.

3. It’s speedy

The contest model and variety of designers who are part of the global network mean that responses are quick. There is no waiting around and you can get move fast with your logo. “Having discussed branding with some of my clients” Bhavik tells us, “many of them take six months to get their logo done”.

4. It’s sociable

Bhavik loved the feeling of being connected with a global network and found that you get a real taste of different styles from all over the world. Being able to chat directly with your designer, and give feedback through the site was thoroughly enjoyable; it gave a real sense of growth and almost a “family connection” helping other designers around the world develop their own freelance business too. Bhavik chose a winner who provided him with the exact logo he had imagined, so he was extremely pleased with the result. But going one step further, Bhavik went on to brief his runner-up as he loved a very particular element of his design. He went on to use him for some sketches and an album cover, further developing his network of design friends across the globe.

“Where else can you find this many designers who are so passionate and great at what they do.”


Re-branding a small business

Now in their seventh year of trading, Cincera are working on their re-brand and will be using 99designs to do so. At the moment they are developing their brief and have a set of ideas which they will use to brief our community once they are ready with their proposition. They are currently in their research phase and have a set of moodboards, which include colour schemes and other brands which they aspire too. Bhavik tells us that he’s looking at charcoals, purples and greys and has found our mailshots with design tips valuable for helping them work through this process.


Bhavik’s top tips for start-ups…

1. Build your business by value. Content is king. Put out the best content out there that you can.

2. Your network is your net worth. Use your network to your best advantage and make the most of the people you know, the connections you make. Finding a great designer can be tough, so for example I also briefed my runner up on the design elements I liked too.

3. Just do it. There is no such thing as tomorrow, there is only yesterday or last week. For example many businesses hold back from using video but never do it. The moment you start you see more interactions, you’ll start to see the benefit. It should be an on-going part of your marketing mix.

4. Try new techniques, like crowdsourcing. It’s important to test and learn and and doing this with 99designs has proven to be a real success. My experience each time get’s better, for example I’ve learned through the 3 contests I have run that guaranteeing a prize is useful and helps to get better results.

Thanks for choosing us Bhavik! We look forward to hearing more about how your business and relationships grow throughout your 99designs lifetime.