Goran Vuletic is a talented graphic designer who attends the Higher Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad, Serbia. Goran quickly caught our attention after we launched the 99designs Student Reward program and featured his HeadStart logo in our student logo showcase.

We invited him to become a part of the first class of 99designs Student Delegates — just last week he helped organize a Student Meetup at his school.

Goran’s mastery of gradients and attention to detail makes his work stand out from the competition. Given his leadership skills and talent for design, we see him as a testament of the growing influence of the creative industry in Eastern Europe.

Name: Goran Vuletic
Location: Serbia
99designs handle: gogocreative
Projects won: 25

How did you get started in design?

I went to technical school that taught technical drawing and 3D modeling so I was curious to break into the freedom of art and drawing. Eventually, I found myself in graphic design and studying graphic engineering. The breaking point was when I started to observe and become fascinated with logos.

How do you get your inspiration?

First, I grab a cup of coffee and start looking for contests by reading their briefs and comments. I prefer blind contests and contests where I can think outside the box. The best development of a logo is when an idea comes just by reading the company name and description of business. Reading the brief further helps me get the overall look of my logo.

I make a few sketches on paper because I believe any sketch on paper is better than no sketch at all. Next to the sketch, I write a thesis or key words from the brief. Once I have a solid idea, I begin designing on screen.

At the end, if the client likes the concept I make a few more variations based off of the first one. The easiest and best way to progress is understanding what the client — although it’s difficult, it is important.

Are there any other mediums or forms of art that you like to work in?

When I have spare time I like to make realist vector designs of everyday objects, especially gadgets and technical stuff. I guess that is rooted in me from technical education. 🙂

Goran’s realistic vector of a blackberry mobile device.

What led you to start using 99designs?

I started designing logos for imaginary companies that I came up with in my head. 🙂 I was totally in the graphic world with little experience. Then I discovered 99designs and my first thought was this is a place where I can learn and improve my skills by working on real projects.

Basically, I started from zero on 99designs so it took some time to start winning contests. As time went by, I stayed persistent and my interest for graphic design became a passion. I improved as a designer and things started to get better and better. This has resulted with relationships with clients which is one of the great things on 99designs.

What are the three most important things that designers can do to have success at 99designs?

  1. Spend time thinking about concept, don’t rush.
  2. Participate in a contest where you can propose something unique and different than what has already been shown.
  3. Persistence!

How do you see the field of graphic design changing in the next few years?

I’m sure the quality of designs on 99designs will grown even more. From my point of view, there are overused concepts and styles in logo design but I can say there is lot of space for retro, classy and vintage logos with a modern touch.

Describe your hometown. Do your surroundings impact your design style?

I live next to Danube – one of the largest rivers in Europe. I often sit or walk by the river on a beautiful quay which often clears my mind and where I pick up inspiration.

There are other things that inspire me like music, movies, documentaries, photography, nature, graffiti, children and old architecture. The feel of my environment and the colors that surround me really inspire me.