Name: Udhaya Chandran Vijaya Baskaran
Location: India
99designs handle: baspixels
Contests won: 31

Design, as many of us well know, is never a one-step process (if it is, we suggest you consult our originality policy). baspixels, one of our star designers, was sporting enough to chat with us about the particular method to his madness — or, at least a few of his key pivots in getting from point A, a complex brief, to point Z, a clear and effective logo design.

After the untimely passing of his father some years back, baspixels and his family relocated to the quiet, Southeast Indian coastal town of Puducherry, faced with financial uncertainty. There he met 99designer Winger, with whose help baspixels turned a knack for hand sketching into something more lucrative.

“He taught me Adobe Illustrator,” says baspixels. “Then I started my career on 99designs, and found it to be my destiny. Thanks, Winger.”

There were the long hours spent in internet cafes, and then the prizes began to mount. “I got my first win on August 24, 2008 – thanks to Winger – and have been enjoying 99designs’ user friendliness and site updates ever since,” says baspixels. Soon, baspixels had stabilized his family’s financial standing and was able to afford a personal internet connection. Five years from now, baspixels says assuredly, he will be heading a design firm of his own.

But that’s big picture. Here’s what baspixels had to say about how he tackles any given project at hand:

  1. Read the brief clearly, and compare it to the briefs of similar businesses.
  2. Understand and observe the brand. Know its market, audience, competitors.
  3. Come up with a list of key words drawn from the brief and write them down on paper. Filter down to the most important and begin thinking about how to turn them into an image.
  4. Sketch and revise. Great design starts with hand sketching — this is when a designer falls in love with his project
  5. Come up with typography.

Intrigued, we asked baspixels to illustrate (if you will) his process through a few examples. The below design is for “Genetics for Farming in Africa,” a non-profit aiming to improve agricultural output in the African continent.

The keywords that this effective, economical design emerged from: Africa, Farming, Leaves, Green, Earthy, Help, Hand, Tractor, Field, Fruit, Grass, Farmers, Agriculture, Seeds, Crop.

The following logo, for “Moms Path,” a service that provides advice about childbirth, was the product of careful analysis of the brand’s market and audience. Feminine colors and sinuous curvature emerged as choice elements.

“99designs helped me a lot in my life,” baspixels reflects. “I’ve been enjoying all the recent updates — 1-to-1 invoicing is a great option. Rock on, 99designs.”

Have any special methods or design rituals of your own to share? Post them in the comments!