33 photography logos you’ll actually remember

Alex Bigman

Wham – that’s a cool looking camera. Design Press‘s design is simple but distinctive, with a hand drawn touch that brings its washed-out retro patina to life. Unfortunately, the vast majority of photography logos you see on the internet look more like this:

13 edit

Actually, that sadly skeletal rendering of a camera is just one of several well-worn photography logo formulas. Here are a few others you no doubt recognize:

1. The arboreal photographer (incorporates trees, flowers or other flora to indicate a feminine sensibility. Usually paired with a cursive font)

2. The modern monogram (on the more masculine side of the register, it presents the photographer’s initials in a flashy signature or angular emblem above the word “photography” or “studio,” invariably in all caps and widely kerned; can be easily feminized with the addition of an ornamental motif)

3. The stock icon (either the schematic camera like the one above or just the circular shutter element, often bracketed by viewfinder corners. Even if it isn’t technically a stock image, it might as well be)

Admittedly, these concepts are popular for a reason. However, it is possible to think outside the shutter, or at least to render one of these cliché concept in a unique style, tailored to the particular client at hand. Here is a selection of photography logos we love.

By 99designers

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By aring™


By Lakibebe


By Bafsy


By MashaM


By bruny


By fly_high


By Helves


By Misa_


By Project 4


By Samovilka


By fly_high

By other artists

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By Jan Zabransky

33 edit

By Yektapour

32 edit

By Denis Wong

31 edit

By olalb

30 edit

By revotype

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By coocishman

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By type and signs

27 edit

By Jakyp

26 edit

By Simon Walker

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By Mark McCorkell

24 edit 2

By Milosz Klimek

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By Melissa

22 edit 2

By Evan Huwa

21 edit 2

By Muhammad Ali Effendy

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By Ectomachine

19 edit

By Peter Vasvari

18 edit

By SRFoto

17 edit

By levelb

16 edit

By spectrumology

15 edit

By ryanlynndesign

14 edit

By pierro

Seen any other photography logos you love? Share in the comments.

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