Co-working spaces are a gold mine of inspiration and networking opportunities, offering everything that creative workers and companies could need: electricity, internet access and a safe, lively place for thinking and tinkering with their projects. Marked by their flexibility, there are no exploitative monthly rates and no routines as in conventional office communities. Instead, co-working spaces are the ideal environment for young start-ups and freelancers alike.
Research also shows that co-working spaces contribute to the happiness of workers, helping them to be more productive. This is probably due to the ability for social exchanges with sympathetic, like-minded people. Such spaces allow you to look beyond the individual, by suggesting new ideas and offering constructive criticism – instead of going through the motions and failing to spot when things aren’t working.
This is an even more attractive combination if you’re looking to scale your business internationally, or you’re on the road for conferences, meeting potential VCs or partners. In larger European cities like Berlin, co-working can become an urban adventure – whether this is the chance to mix up everyday work with events like talks and workshops or the opportunity to work in stylishly furnished co-working spaces. With all of these things in mind, we have shortlisted the 15 best co-working spaces in the German capital.


A co-working space with more than enough room for creative start-ups, Betahaus has branches in Hamburg, Barcelona, Sofia and Berlin. Along with its spacious, versatile rooms (which have an attractive, individual look), Betahaus also provides a lively program of events all year-round.

From high-profile guest speakers to conferences and seminars, Betahaus prioritises the exchange of ideas, learning and networking, and there’s always so much to see an hear!

Sankt Oberholz

It might look more like a stylish café in Berlin Mitte, but Sankt Oberholz is much more than that. The text of their website reads like an ode to the art of storytelling. While it’s clear from the menu that Sankt Oberholz has food and drink covered, they also offer a lively, creative atmosphere for co-working.

This makes sense if you think about the history of co-working. Bringing individuals and small teams together didn’t start in offices. It began in coffee house culture, where communities of creative, free-thinking individuals gathered to discuss their ideas. So institutions like Sankt Oberholz are not a new phenomenon, and co-working is a natural stage in their evolution. The result is a space that combines elements from cafes and offices, creating the perfect semi-public combination.

Ansgar Oberholz, founder of Sankt Oberholz

Heterogenous and easily accessible via plug-and-play, this is one of the oldest and most famous co-working spaces. Even those who don’t just want to work find it hard to pass by. Attracting a diverse crowd, the people who use Sankt Oberholz are as worth seeing as the interior is detailed. Each of the workplaces, offices and conference rooms have their own individual charm. It all comes together in a space that is constantly bubbling with new ideas.

Sankt Oberholz is one of the few co-working spaces in Berlin, which has a core philosophy. Our two co-working spaces have been shaped by Michel Foucault’s idea of heterotopia, the idea of creating spaces in which utopias can become real and easily accessible to the public. Sankt Oberholz is one of the few spaces around in which a society of tomorrow can develop freely and collaboratively.

Tobias Schwarz, co-working manager of Sankt Oberholz and board member of the German Coworking Federation

Agora Collective

The Agora Collective describes itself as a Berlin-based experimental centre for contemporary practices, a much more artful definition than ordinary co-working spaces. In addition to its office and event facilities, it offers workshops and a calendar of engaging events. Whether it’s music concerts, sound workshops or lectures on modern tribalism, Agora offers something for everyone.

There’s also a café where users can enjoy healthy meals in a cozy setting. Agora also have a second location in an old brewery, where they host exhibitions by artists and dance or theatre performances. It’s where Berlin’s start-up and artistic communities come together.


Located in Kreuzberg, Co-up is a classic co-working space that combines the relaxed and convivial ambience of a café with the infrastructure and productivity of modern offices, ensuring that it meets the changing demands of Berlin’s working population. Within this space, friendships develop and a plethora of creative projects are started.

Meeting in co-working spaces offers a way for freelancers to exchange ideas and find mutual support from people in similar situations.

Events and productive cooperation are a key part of the Co-up program.

Instead of earning money with our space, we offer our services free of charge to many groups who work in fields like self-organised learning and skill exchanges, with the aim of creating more diversity in the IT scene. For us, it is essential to fight everyday discrimination!


Over the past few years, co-working has evolved from a niche market to a realistic and globally popular alternative to traditional offices. As the entire labour market has become more flexible, both workers and employers are constantly looking for appropriate work structures. Co-working spaces like Mindspace offer the kind of individual solutions and flexible membership models that are in great demand in today’s working world.

Active in Berlin, Hamburg and Tel Aviv, Mindspace offers the chance to occupy stylish office surroundings in an urban location. It’s the kind of co-working space where you will find innovation, technology and social exchanges needed stimulate your grey matter. It’s also focused on encouraging individuals to concentrate on achieving their own success not relying on others. Whether you are a freelancer, a start-up or a small business, Mindspace offers solutions for everyone. Strikingly arranged, its rooms are the perfect breeding ground to let ideas mature.

Far more than a traditional co-working space, Mindspace is setting new standards in the field. Much of that is thanks to the Mindspace concept which reflects the lifestyle of its members and always seeks to provide an inspiring work atmosphere. Members can participate in numerous networking events in-house and benefit from attractive collaborations with businesses like hotel chains and restaurants, as well as services such as AWS and Microsoft. The exclusive location of our co-working spaces coupled with our services and the Mindspace network makes us more than just a workplace – we are a community.

Ahoy Berlin

We empower our members both professionally and personally. We organise a wide variety of activities and events for them, and make sure our members know each other by organising special networking events like our monthly community breakfast.

Welcome aboard Ahoy Berlin, a co-working space that guides members through the rough seas of entrepreneurship. The nautical theme is a regular metaphor for start-ups, with unknown, still waters that could erupt into a storm at any point not unlike the business environment confronted by fledgling businesses as they seek to sink or swim. Ahoy sees itself as a navigation device in dangerous waters, offering orientation classes for entrepreneurs and access to a network of investors and seasoned entrepreneurs to guide businesses on their way. Ahoy also offers other services such as event management and legal advice.

Co-working accelerates serendipity. When freelancers, start-ups, small companies and corporations all work under the same roof, it is amazing to see how many new ideas and new projects emerge. Co-working facilitates those interactions by building strong communities composed of people with diverse backgrounds.

Stéphanie Brisson- Chief Operating Officer


Small, stuffy office rooms are a thing of the past – as various workplace studies have shown. Instead, workers want to work flexibly and connect with people beyond their own selves. This is the only way to stimulate the kind of creativity that generates new concepts and innovation.

BLOGFABRIK attracts an audience that is concerned with content, the omnipresent keyword of today’s start-up scene. It’s done so by creating a completely new kind of co-working space for all content creators and other online professionals. From bloggers and social media activists to copywriters, photographers and video artists, all of them contribute their work at BLOGFABRIK to DAILYBREADMAG, the online magazine of the BLOGFABRIK community. In addition to desks and conference rooms, the members of the community also have cross-border editing rooms, photo studios, a lounge and a kitchen, so all bases are covered.

DAILYBREADMAG deals with the digital transformation of our company and documents the BLOGFABRIK project. The versatile, colourful content created by our community makes the magazine a unique, creative image of the times we live in.

The BLOGFABRIK offers an unprecedented approach for co-working: anyone wants to work with us pays for his place not with money, but with content. This content can be quite diverse, from contributions to our online magazine DAILYBREADMAG to graphic designs or films. As a team, we work very closely with our freelancers and content creators, cultivating a very well-networked community. Moreover, through our agency, we offer plenty of additional chances to take different orders from external customers.

ESDIP Berlin


Co-working spaces have changed the way that freelancers work and interact with each other. The right co-working space can give you a sense of community, help you to network, and provide opportunities for collaboration with like-minded professionals.

ESDIP Berlin is small, but efficient. The 50 workstations, two kitchens and the meeting room of this Berlin co-working space are located on two floors in Friedrichshain. It may be much calmer than other co-working spaces, but it is no less lively.

Here at ESDIP Berlin we strive to provide a creative but hard-working atmosphere – our space has become a hub for creative types; illustrators, designers, programmers, writers, etc. We are a small and relaxed community, in a beautiful industrial building in the heart of Friedrichshain.

María Luján – founder ESDIP Berlin

The monthly life drawing session is one of the very special features of ESDIP Berlin and it’s where the local artistic community meets to indulge their passion for drawing with wine and music.


ESDIP offers plenty of other art workshops as well. It is a great opportunity to expand your artistic skills in a community of like-minded people, or simply to find some fresh inspiration.


KAOS stands for “Creative Work Community Oberschöneweide” and is located in an old industrial hall on the banks of the river Spree. This co-working space focuses on art, product and media design, with a dual focus on nurturing creative ideas and trying out new working methods. Creative workshops, office space, studios, exhibition rooms and exhibition areas offer everything members need to realise their art projects together.


Another thing that sets KAOS apart is its professional and well-organised team for events, public relations and press work, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, concerts and cooperation with the company’s partners. Anyone who is active in the creative field or who wants to turn their own ideas into reality will find it a great co-working space to be involved with.


Co-working spaces facilitate networking with people from all corners of the working world and open up new, often completely unexpected perspectives. The special feature of raumstation (“space station”) is the relative stability of the co-workers who use it and the strong sense of community that results.

The raumstation office is located in a historic factory in Berlin Moabit, where freelancers will find the ideal work environment and a diverse, international community from the areas of the creative economy, media, IT, music and the non-profit sector. Whether you want to enjoy total flexibility or request your own key if you intend to stay for longer periods in an unusually stable environment – raumstation makes it possible. Anything goes here for people who want to take it easy. The whole environment is easy and uncomplicated, without any unnecessary elaboration. Every Thursday at 5 pm, raumstation opens for sightseeing, so go and have a look!

Tante Renate

Tante Renate is a co-working space in a chic loft in Berlin Kreuzberg, where the design of the premises is as clear and simple as their website. Containing a manageable number of workplaces, a large conference space with a huge old school table, a sofa corner and kitchenette as well as all the usual conveniences of the digital networking, Tante Renate offers a solid, straightforward work environment where you can really concentrate on your tasks and projects.


fritz46 is located in a in a 1970s industrial building, and the industrial style suits the rooms of this relatively new co-working space. Flexible workstations ensure changing views, inspiring members and keeping their thinking fresh. But those who prefer a constant environment can also access fixed desks. A meeting room, flat rate coffee, lockers and mailboxes complete the co-working experience while the many nearby restaurants and cafes guarantee a pleasant lunch break or evening meal.


Back to beautiful Kreuzberg! In the B+office, start-ups, project managers, employees, freelancers, designers, developers and digital nomads come together to work side-by-side. They also work together, building networks and sharing visions, experiences and contacts. The concept of a relaxed atmosphere and a concentrated working environment encourages synergies that deliver innovative thinking and innovation. For this reason, this co-working space with workstations, individual and team offices and conference room offers far more than a conventional office. The beautiful Bergmannkiez district is in the immediate vicinity and good connections to Berlin’s public transport network make this workplace even more appealing.

The Workspace

Staying in Kreuzberg, now we move over to the Viktoriahöfen. The Workspace combines urban aesthetics with professional office technology in an artistic 19th century building, where 58 workstations are spread across 13 offices. The design is derived from the fifties and impresses with its very own historic Berlin vibe. In addition to daily exchanges within the community, The Workspace conducts a collaboration with ArtBerlin and features works by alternating artists, and in the CFL Canteen, the team at the Contemporary Food Lab deliver a steady stream of healthy delights as well.

Rainmaking Loft

The Rainmaking Loft in Mitte is another major centre of the Berlin start-up scene. The DIY co-working spaces and the sophisticated 1920s style Bar Le Labo are just the thing for Berlin-Mitte. There isn’t just filter coffee on offer, but you can order exotic cocktails and enjoy musical performances too. Behind the bar, the work and meeting rooms of the Rainmaking Lofts offer a lively communal environment. Fixed and flexible seats, Skype stations, four meeting rooms as well as lockers, fast internet, letterboxes, fully equipped kitchens and even a shower leave nothing to be desired. It attracts a community that is international, clever and hungry for exchanges and creativity.

Co-working spaces promote communication and knowledge transfer between local companies and entrepreneurs, and they are easily accessible to young companies who want to start quickly without having to worry about logistics. They also have the potential to change the self-understanding of communication between the teams of large companies, should they implement the idea co-working in their own organisations.

Let’s do it

Berlin offers a colourful blend of individual co-working spaces for all tastes and requirements, whether you are a freelancer, a start-up or a small company. If you are looking for flexible work in an innovative and creative environment, they will fire up your synapses are help your work gain momentum, increasing productivity and making your work more fulfilling at the same time!