June 23rd marks National Pink Day, when millions of people celebrate (you guessed it) the color pink. While pink is typically associated with all things feminine, there’s a lesser known, sophisticated side to the color that’s begging to be explored.

Here we’ll explore five designs that rethink the color pink in modern and surprising ways. Enjoy!


ANDANZ branding
by Zachary Zhao Zhikuan (via Behance)

ANDANZ’s brand identity gives pink an ethereal quality, using transparency to craft a more muted, artistic palette that instantly feels dramatic, moody and expressive. The imagery is balanced with a complementary aqua blue and deep, vintage darks. Overall the color scheme is fine-tuned and balanced, taking the color pink into a nuanced and emotional visual landscape.

2. Assistia

Assistia brand
via Behance

Assistia puts a sharp spin on their brand identity, flipping the script with a bold magenta pink and hip, sans-serif font. Softly paired baby blues and contemporary accents give it a style that’s modern and sharp, depicting a company that is confident, professional and precise—with room for a little fun.

3. Vaunce

vaunce logo
via Behance

The bubblegum pink drop shadow for Vaunce trampoline park certainly stands out from the competition. Their use of color helps emphasize a look that’s athletic, bold and powerful (while still maintaining a youthful edge). The color palette is also unusual, which helps the brand speak to the idea that the experience they offer is something new.

4. National Arts Council

National Arts Council Annual Report
BUREAU for the Advancement of Lifestyle and Longevity and Success (via Behance)

Pink is pushed to the brink with National Arts Council annual report, opting for a rich, reddish color that’s dynamic without feeling too overwhelming. It’s not particularly feminine and it’s not necessarily even fun. Rather, the design is more thought provoking and serious—which is on point for a brand that addresses lifestyle, longevity and success.

5. Claudia Argueta

pink business card
Claudia Argueta (via Behance)

Lastly, this self-branding project by Claudia Argueta of Guatemala focuses on a soft pink inspired by 2016 Pantone Color of the Year Rose Quartz, creating an atmosphere that feels calm and even tropical. Rather than pairing the color with something equally muted, this card creates interest with a handwritten, brilliant blue accent.


As you celebrate National Pink Day in your own way, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. As you can see from the creative examples above, there’s a wide spectrums of emotions that the color pink can express.

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