We love our community!

That’s one thing that the staff at 99designs can certainly agree on. Our wonderfully multi-talented and diverse community of designers is what makes 99designs such a future-forward company. However, there is one aspect of community support that we don’t always enjoy handling… designer disputes.

Since we love you all so much, here’s some inside advice on basic ways to avoid getting in trouble and risking account suspension.

1. Get friendly with our rules (even if you think you already know them)

Whether you’ve been here for years or joined a few weeks ago, make yourself knowledgeable about our most basic rules. See our help section for a thorough review.

Here’s a few that will get you started:

2. Know when stock art is and is not allowed.

Stock or clip art is never accepted in logo, button/icon or illustration contests! We can’t tell you how many designers get suspended for this simply because they didn’t read our rules. If you take stock art and make a few small alterations, we will suspend you.

Stock is allowed in t-shirt designs, but you must declare it by providing a valid link when submitting your design.

Brush up on our policies here:

3. Withdraw your entry (if you know you have broken a rule) before the report gets escalated to us

If you know that you have broken a rule and there is clear evidence of it, then take it as a lesson learned and simply withdraw your entries. If the issue is escalated to 99designs, you will risk getting suspended for breaking our policies.

4. Don’t verbally attack other designers on the contest page.

We do not tolerate abusive or threatening language and you’ll definitely hear from us if you aren’t maintaining a level of professionalism with others. If you feel that another designer has copied your work or is using stock inappropriately, please file a proper report.

If you are ever unsure about your design or entry, you can always play it safe and shoot us an email! We’ll do our best to help you avoid designer disputes.