We’re turning back the clock this month with nine of the best vintage and retro designs. Our designers have gone positively groovy with work inspired by yesteryear. September’s Top 9 nominees include a vintage zombie T-shirt, a radical 80s dinosaur mascot, a retro extraterrestrial band logo and more!

You placed your votes and in the end, Tee™ took the prize for their handcrafted, hipster logo for The Dive Steamkettle Cooking. The retro-inspired logo—complete with old-school scuba diver—definitely sets the tone for their unique cooking process.

Let’s take a look at this month’s winning design:

by Tee™

September’s Top 9 at 99 nominees

The Electric Donut logo

vintage logo design
by Dalibass

The Electric Donut makes an impact with a groove-tastic logo heavy on 70s-styled typography.

Swagasaurus Rex brand identity

retro 80s design
retro 80s design
by RaidenD

This totally tubular dino mascot brings 80s goodness to Swagasaurus Rex, purveyor of novelty home goods.

Zombie Ltd. t-shirt

retro design
by Executor

White Walkers eat your heart out! Zombie LTD gives a retro twist to the living dead.


Lander logo

Lander, a blues-based rock band from Maryland, was in search of an otherworldly mascot for its music. Hecklers not invited!

Retro American app stickers

retro stickers
by Distant Future

A collection of 1950s-inspired “stamps” are the perfect addition to a stylish photo-editing app.

Gary’s Tutoring business card

vintage business card design
by green in blue

Library-themed business cards in a retro 60s vibe help Gary’s Tutoring (specializing in support for kids with ADHD) stand out from the tutoring crowd.

Twin Oast Brewing label

vintage packaging design
by Chupavi

Bottoms up! Twin Oast, a rustic craft brewery, wanted an excellent logo for its new Crowler can (that’s 25 ounces of brew!).

Mr. Daley & Enzo’s logo

Wacky is the way at Mr Daley & Enzo’s Sensational Creativity Exponentiator. The dynamic duo (a man and his canine) required an equally offbeat logo.

Thanks to everyone that participated in this month’s Top 9 at 99!