The history of logo design has seen the sublime and ridiculous make an appearance in what is a constantly changing field. The ease with which businesses can interact with customers online today means logos play a more important role than ever before.

This ease of access means the so-called ‘rules’ of logo design have changed almost overnight. Following trends from a couple of years ago will probably see your logo ignored and your company left behind. So what trends should you be looking at right now?

Abstract Logo Designs

These logos work so well because the brain does a great job of remembering unique designs. In simple terms, an abstract logo is a unique image designed to represent a product or brand. These images don’t necessarily have to ‘fit’ the company image or the items they sell.

abstract logo

Design by Milos Subotic

A perfect example of a successful abstract logo is the ‘Swoosh’ symbol adopted by Nike. On the face of it, this symbol has absolutely nothing to do with sportswear but when you see it you instantly think of the Nike brand.

The downside with abstract logos is that you need to spend a lot of money on marketing in order to achieve the desired association with your brand. This means it’s a great idea for large corporations but not so much for smaller businesses.

DIY Logo Designs

In an era that seems to be becoming more technical, clinical and uniform, customers have an even greater affinity for ‘personalisation’. Handmade logos carry a unique charm which can make it easier for consumers to ‘connect’ with your brand. A simple sketch with the right typography can make a huge difference to the way your company is perceived.

handmade logo design

Design by nevergohungry

Flat Logo Designs

You may be surprised to see this logo design type as a modern trend but the fact is, flat logos look crisp and clean and are an ode to minimalism. This type of logo design is known for its large typography and white space along with aforementioned ‘clean’ appearance.

There are a host of benefits to using this trend including quicker page loading times and higher usability. Simplicity is the name of the game for an increasing number of companies as they use seemingly basic colours and lines. Such logos are easy to read, print well and load faster.

flat logo design

Design by sigra


Design by :: scott ::

White Space

This design trend has made some memorable logos but we should note that this space isn’t always white! The trend is also known as ‘negative space’ and adds an element of symmetry to your design; this gives it a clean and natural look that users can enjoy.

negative space logo design

Design by Cross the Lime

negative space

Design by brandsformed(R)

Dynamic Logo Design

These are also known as ‘kinetic’ logos that can be changed but still retain the same ‘look’. The versatility of such logos allows for a rebranding that gives your logo a fresh new appearance without losing the essence of what it represents. The main issue when creating a kinetic logo is to ensure the changes continue to mesh with the values a company aligns itself with.


Design by threatik(R) for wink.talent


This type of design is also known as MonoLine and consists of extremely thin lines which don’t vary in thickness. The beauty of this trend is that you can create detailed and intricate logos that look remarkably simple. The result is a clean and clear logo which also has a ‘homemade’ feel that is sure to be appreciated by consumers.


Design by Sava Stoic

monoline logo

Design by enfant terrible

Photographic Textures

These are logos that feature background textures and almost make it look as if there is a photo behind your main logo design. It combines eye-catching textures with a minimalist logo for a stunning and memorable end result. While the simple flat design may not be enough on its own, the texture adds some magic and keeps your brand in the mind’s eye.


Design by Culletta Giuseppe


One of the most famous wordmark examples is the Coca-Cola logo which has stood the test of time and then some! While this particular logo design could be perceived as ‘minimalist’, the designer has lots of room to be creative because there are a surprisingly large number of elements to consider. These include colour, typeface and even placement.

As you’ll be working with type only, you really need to get your creative thinking cap on. A poorly designed wordmark logo will look absolutely awful whereas a great design could see your logo go down as a classic. No pressure then!


Design by vermela for bmelton


If you expect your small business to become successful, changes in the way you do and see things are inevitable. As a result, your first logo design will need to be altered in order to match it with your new and improving company. However, it’s important not to become obsessed with ‘trends’.

The real key is to design a high quality logo each and every time. Following the hottest trend is a waste of time if the end result is a poorly designed logo or one that doesn’t accurately portray what your company is and what it stands for.