Visitors who come to your website have many different reasons to stop by your contact page whether you’re a social media company, a local coffee business, or a freelance designer. That’s why it’s important to get your contact page design right so your visitors can find what they need, get the help they want and have a pleasant experience.

Your visitors could be looking for job openings, complaining about a faulty product, seeking support  for their purchases, finding a number to call or visiting their office. These interactions are a key to keeping your business or organisation running smoothly as they mark an essential point of synergy between the visitor and you, the website owner. Having an effective contact page can provide intended value and offer a seamless experience for your customers.

contact page design with man sitting down looking at this phone
Illustration by OrangeCrush

Top 7 contact page design tips

  1. Doing the right research
  2. Providing an appropriate contact method
  3. Designing clear visual elements
  4. Ensuring accessibility
  5. Brand consistency
  6. Increasing engagement
  7. Being transparent

1. Doing the right research

You may find yourself trying to use pre-existing templates when you create your website’s contact page design. This practice is not wrong. However, most people often overlook the fact that the templates might not work the best for their business. To get a contact page design that is right for your business, ask yourself these questions:

What kind of contact options does your business need?

Take a moment to understand what your website’s speciality and offerings are and then anticipate the different ways people might try to contact you. A designer would likely have a potential customer wanting to request a quote, whereas a medical clinic can expect patients contacting them to book an appointment.

And if you have large volumes of requests for various departments such as sales, technical support or job seeking, it’s handy to set up your contact page so it will direct the requests to specific departments. The clarity you get when you are able to identify what you need in your contact page design will help you better structure it.

flatiron schedule a consultation page
A website that anticipates consultation on its contact page via Flatiron Collective

Who are your customers and how would they prefer to contact you?

Your website can attract all different kinds of audiences and it is good to recognise their diversity based on cultures, languages and geographical location and then try to tend to their needs. Some aspects you may consider for your contact page design are what methods of contact are popular in different countries, language support and accessibility considerations.

Malaysian law company with WhatsApp chat bot
WhatsApp chatbot used for contacting a Malaysian law firm due to the popularity of it in the region via Chern & Co.

2. Providing an appropriate contact method

Your contact page design needs to communicate a clear action for your visitors to take to be able to contact you. You can provide your audience the following approaches:

Traditional contact methods

Providing a phone number lets people reach out to you via call or SMS. And adding a physical address will allow them to locate and visit you, especially if your business requires customers to visit your place, such as a bakery, spa or a dental office. Adding a map or a link to Google Maps will further simplify the visitor’s navigation to your location.

contact page of sandwich showing their address with a map and a photograph of the building
Brilliant example of a map and photo of building added next to contact address for easy recognition and navigation via Sandwich

Digital methods on your website

To allow your visitors to contact you on your website, you can choose to have chatbots. You can set up a conversation between your visitor and a support staff member or an AI robot. Or you can also provide a form where visitors can fill in details about their inquiries. These built in contact methods can help to minimize spam emails, keep a track of your inquiries and delegate tasks within your team.

example of a chat-box window
Making contacting the website owner simpler using a chat-box via Bold360
contact form of Friendly, a design studio
Simple contact form of a design studio via Friendly

Digital methods using other platforms

Sometimes your visitors might want to contact you through a platform they check regularly or something they’re more comfortable with. These methods are providing your email, including social media links such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and even WhatsApp.

clear ways for contact methods
Clear contact page design by velvetmade

3. Designing clear visual elements

When you have multiple ways to get in touch with you, keeping them all together in your contact page design can be messy and make it hard to differentiate. This can cause your visitors to miss some information and get confused, or even get in touch with the wrong department.

It is very important to ensure that your contact page design is clear, easy to use and accessible. Having a clean visual design not only saves time for your visitor but also increases the efficiency of your business by directing inquiries to the right departments.

contact page and consultation page side-by-side with clear division of sections
Contact page design by bogdan o

The same applies when you have multiple departments. It’s a good practice to separate their information so visitors can send appropriate messages to the correct department. Even something as simple as borders or spacing can go a long way helping visitors visually see the separate areas.

contact page asking users to select areas of enquiry such as personal banking, shareholder services, etc.
A straightforward approach to contacting multiple departments via National Australia Bank

4. Ensuring accessibility

It is important to recognise that people have diverse abilities. Your website design needs to be inclusive and tend to different needs to give everyone equal access and opportunity. This way, not only would you be ethical in your approach to contact page design, but you would be able to  reach a wider audience and increase usability. Note the following points to ensure proper web accessibility while designing your contact page:

Form accessibility

Ensure that the form fields and other elements are tagged under their specific attribute and ARIA landmarks. This makes form control identifiable to accessibility programs such as screen readers. If you want to add certain distinctions in the fields using colour, include an additional identifier like an icon or a pattern to differentiate them and make it colour-blind friendly. Remember to also validate information provided by the visitors and give them a facility to undo changes, confirm the entered data, notify of any errors and help correct their mistakes.

form validation on a contact us page
Form validation done using colour and form of the field via Abercrombie & Fitch

Reduced cognitive load

Putting instructions on how to complete a complex form and keeping it as simple as possible recognises that not everyone has the time or the ability to comprehend complex instructions. This can be done by dividing long forms into smaller chunks of logical stages and by using adaptive forms.

form simplified by using radio buttons
A complex form that is split into multiple stages containing leading questions via TM

Visual accessibility

Ensure that your contact page design uses high contrast colour palettes and every text element can be read clearly. Good practice includes adjusting text size, font type and colours on your website.

website with accessibility features such as font, size and colour
Accessibility provided to users via font, size and colour changing options via Malaysia Open Data Portal

5. Brand consistency

Tailoring your visual brand

Your contact page connects you, your organisation and your visitor so it is important to keep brand aesthetics and values consistent. Templates used to design contact pages aren’t usually in-line with your brand. Edit them to suit your personality and keep being remarkable!

contact page in-line with the brand aesthetic
A good example of blending the brand aesthetics into your contact page by BrioRom

Tailoring tone of voice

The way you put forth yourself and your brand through your website, whether it is friendly, professional or humorous, needs to be consistent across all web pages, including your contact page design. It is important to sound inviting and friendly so as to not intimidate your visitors. Avoid using jargon and long words.

contact page with “If you’re a doctor for pretend, drop us a line” written on it
A great example of using text tone of voice that reflects brand personality via Dogstudio

6. Increasing engagement

Don’t be afraid to experiment and take a step ahead with creativity in your contact page design. Keeping it fun can make it appear more warm and welcoming. Adding personalised photos, illustrations and interactivity can also help humanise the process of getting in touch via the internet.

contact page with a photo of staff
Humanising contact pages using staff images via Apple

You can also make your chat bots friendly and fun by giving them a personality and making them more engaging! Just take a look at the adorable chat bot below.

chatbot dog with the name riley
Quirky way to add personality to a chatbot via Noise

7. Being transparent

Data policy

Remember that when contacting you, your visitor risks giving away their name, email address and sometimes even more sensitive details such as credit card information. While it is essential to collect user data for documentation purposes and troubleshooting, it is good to acknowledge that your visitor has the right to know how their data is used.

It is also an ethical practice to be transparent and collect just the information you need and nothing more! Most times, all you really need is a name and email or phone number. To do this, always link your privacy policy statement wherever you collect data.

Giving an assurance to not spam and sell their information to third parties encourages them to give you information with ease and builds trust.

privacy policy in contact page
A condensed easy-to-use privacy policy shown before collecting data via SK-II

Response time

Being transparent also means to communicate with your customers about response time. This relieves users of anxiety about not hearing back quickly, minimizing multiple queries from one person and builds a trust relationship between your customer and your business.

contact page with an estimated reply time
An example for letting your visitor know how long it could potentially take to respond back via Michael Kors

Contact page designs that do it right


A contact page that utilises illustrations and simple, clear visual separation between departments.

telstra’s contact page
Telstra’s contact page with illustrations and departmental segregations via Telstra


A fairly simple all-in-one contact page with an easy-to-use form and transparent data policies.

Nestle’s contact page
Nestle’s contact page with multiple contact options and easy form to fill via Nestle


A super simplified multi-page form with easy navigation that makes getting in touch clear and quick.

Fishfinger’s contact page
Fishfinger’s contact page with simple multi-page form via Fishfinger


Another simple contact page design with information organized clearly. This makes it easy for visitors to find information and get in touch!

contact page of gander design shop
Clean and clear contact page of Gander, a design store via Gander

Summing it up

By keeping these 7 contact page design tips in mind, you can guarantee your visitors an exceptional, memorable experience when using your contact page.

Now it’s time for you to evaluate your existing contact page design or start building one if you haven’t already! And if you ever need some help or just don’t have time to design your contact page, you can always get help from a professional and talented designer to make your contact page design stand out.

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