Werewolf Apocalypse - Book Cover Design

steve5M is running a book or magazine cover contest and would love your feedback on the 8 entries below.

Please choose your favourite design(s) or rate the designs you like best. The winning design should be attention grabbing, and clearly tell the reader what to expect from the book. In this story, a contagious disease is turning its victims into werewolves. The creatures are prowling London, hunting and killing. The infection is spreading rapidly through the crowded city, because every werewolf bite has just two possible outcomes – death or infection.

#330 by bravoboy
#327 by LuckyLuc
#326 by LuckyLuc
#318 by MartinCS
#313 by cakamura_san
#303 by avengerblack
#302 by avengerblack
#292 by Dragan Paunovic
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