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The history of the heart

This time of year, you can hardly leave your house without seeing hearts everywhere. Or at least the particular combination of curves and a point that we call a heart. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, you have to admit that the heart symbol is the greatest accidental logo in history. What other shape... Read More

February 12th By

5 unexpected places to inject personality into your site

Personality transforms a basic site into an engaging, entertaining one. It’s what convinces first-time visitors to keep clicking and repeat visitors to come back. However, once you’ve added personality in all the obvious places – like your copy, visuals, fonts, and color scheme – you might not know what else to personalize.

February 11th By

The hottest web design trends for 2016

It’s not every year that we experience big changes. With such rapid growth in technology over the past few years, we’re sure that the big 2016 web design trends will focus on maturing and expanding on those developments.

February 9th By

Top 10 Super Bowl logos

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sports event of the year. It’s practically a national holiday; time to compare TV screen sizes with your friends and perfect your loaded nachos recipe. In honor of 50 years of Super Bowl glory, here’s our list of the top 10 Super Bowl logos of all time. 10. Super... Read More

January 29th By

10 big logo design trends for 2016

When building a brand, there’s nothing more important than your logo – and no one wants to look dated. That means more experimentation with on-going trends, the resurfacing of classic styles and a few new surprises along the way.

January 15th By

14 Fitness logos to get you moving

This year, fitness resolutions might make it past January. The American College of Sports Medicine predicts that wearable tech will be the #1 fitness trend in 2016. As wearable trackers, apps, and more let consumers focus on fitness around the clock, fitness brands are seeking logos that go beyond the cartoon flexed bicep, and work both... Read More

January 15th By

Check out our first-ever Community eBook!

It’s here! The first-ever eBook compilation of epic designs from our oh-so-talented community. See the designs, meet the designers and get inspired to make your appearance in the next edition.

January 8th By

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