Winning design by Boris Jovanovic

99designs community contest: create a Daft Punk concert poster

kellyi99 picked a winning design in their illustration or graphics contest. For just $715 they received 1300 designs from 279 designers.

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99designs community contest: create a Daft Punk concert poster


With excitement mounting for the debut of Daft Punk’s soon-to be-released album, Random Access Memories, we thought…

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Daft Punk

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With excitement mounting for the debut of Daft Punk’s soon-to-be-released album, Random Access Memories, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and hold a poster contest in honor of this accomplished duo, since we’re HUGE Daft Punk fans here at 99designs.

The contest is UNOFFICIAL - meaning 99designs is hosting it for fun. That said, we plan to print the winning design and do whatever we can to get that poster into Daft Punk’s hands!

The French band has been a major force in pioneering the electronic dance music scene on a global scale and has brought devoted fans from around the world to the dance floor since their first album Homework was released in 1997.

Following Homework, the band released Discovery in 2001, followed by Human After All in 2005. For the last couple of months, only tidbits of information surrounding their new album have been leaked. What we do know is that eight years after their last incredible album, Daft Punk’s new album is set to be unveiled on May 21st.

Now do you see why we’re so pumped?!

Not only does Daft Punk produce revolutionary sounds but they’ve got the visuals down pat as well, demonstrated by their sense-tingling live shows, past album covers and logos, and the numerous music videos produced, all of which adhere to the technologic and robotic themes heard in their music.


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We’re looking for something that will appeal to the band’s biggest fans as well as the electronic music industry as a whole, so start your design process by getting musically inspired here:…xlpE2BHJZd

Requirements for design:

1. Make a poster celebrating the new release of Random Access Memories. We want to see references to both the band and the new album.

2. Take inspiration from the visuals already produced around Daft Punk, but make sure your design is 100% your own. We want to see some really unique concepts for this contest. The poster format gives you tons of room to mix it up and bring out your creativity!

3. Don’t forget to add a few sentences explaining the thought processes behind your designs – we want to know exactly what you’re thinking when you blow our minds with some epic poster designs.