Lab Reuse Campaign Design

alex2T is running a business or advertising contest and would love your feedback on the 8 entries below.

We want to develop a campaign around the reuse of lab equipment to free up space, extend lab budgets and to help labs be more sustainable.

We thought it would be sensible to ask those who work with lab equipment and supplies, to vote on the design, tone and feel of the campaign, before we go ahead and get the campaign materials produced.

The winning design will be used as a basis for a campaign which will feature an array of designs for posters, banners, screensavers, email signatures, social media cards- you know the type of thing!

The campaign materials will be used by our customers (and others for free) to encourage redistribution of surplus lab kit and supplies. End users will be able to add their own logo/ remove ours and add their own local instructions.

Will you help us?

Let us know what you think of each design. The tone, the impact and general feel.

#12 by Tanny Dew ❤︎
#27 by Ale Isijara
#26 by Ale Isijara
#24 by Kerative Orange
#20 by monadic
#19 by monadic
#15 by Design Injector
#29 by grandMOTHER
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