I work with 3dRadiance so often, I must have a good portion of the ratings and feedback on his profile. Something that I will say that might be helpful (and is different from my typical glowing reviews of his work) is that I am sad that I am not able to allow him to share the great work he has done for us as a part of his portfolio. All of the work I am having him do is related to confidential submissions of intellectual property for medical device design and usage. So that cannot be made public. BUT, I must tell you that he continues to deliver on super high quality, technical work. Other words that I would use to describe the specifics of his graphics are detail-oriented, clean, sophisticated, very esthetically-pleasing, unique, and anatomically accurate. He is a very, very rare find in how he is such an outstanding talent as an artist but somehow also has the medical/technical background to create such specific graphics from scratch.

Another different comment than I usually say is that I currently have 3dRadiance working on 4 other projects simultaneously. He is very good at giving realistic timelines/ due dates and to give feedback on my expectations. He never agrees to something that he can't deliver on. And he's had an uncanny ability to multi-task (while I am giving him feedback on one project, he starts work on another, and so on).

I greatly admire his skills and his perpetual commitment to great work.

Thank you, 3dRadiance!! Now lets get back to work :)

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