New Company in Massachusetts - Beantown Home Improvements - needs a brand!

This is my first time on 99 designs and it was a great experience. I submitted my brief and then waited for the designs to roll in. I received 206 designs from 49 designers and as you can image not all were to my liking. That being said, while I had a design in mind at first we totally took a new direction based on designers ideas, but still stayed within the basics of what I was looking for.

Once I started to to narrow things down to 2-3 designers I started making a lot of changes. I'm a picky person and mickomicko was incredible. I'm not sure if this person ever sleeps, but I was getting changes as fast as I was asking for them! I think at times I may have asked for a lot, but of course I want it to be perfect and this designer did not stop working until I was happy.

I would highly recommend this designer and hope to use this person again in the future!

Review by Beantown HI
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