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Design inspirational book cover for career-changing book

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We had a difficult project. In retrospect, we should not have allowed the option of using stock artwork because that became an issue for the project. For this aspect of the project, Lizaa did well in producing a design, but unfortunately it was a design that was already utilized prolifically throughout the internet. Unfortunately for all involved, we did not learn this before selecting her design which put us in a precarious situation of needing to ask for her help in creating an original design, something that seems to be outside of her comfort zone.

Lizaa was excellent in her attitude, responsiveness and produces great work given specific direction. With specific direction and/or the freedom to utilize stock images for the fundamental design, she did well. However, she struggled when we needed help with creative, original design. If I had a project where I was able to use stock images and knew what I wanted, I would happily use Lizza again, but if it was a project where I needed help with the underlying concept and/or needed original art, I would think that not well suited to her strengths.

Ultimately, I cannot hold this issue against he because in retrospect we should not have allowed stock images, but because we made that error we ended up in a situation where we ultimately could not use the output.

Review by MikeCoxTX

about 3 years ago

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