Osteopath needs logo for new company

Where do I start? It was an incredible journey! I startet with a relativley solide on idea on what I was looking for and of course the suggestions I got where all very similar ... until Akihiro showed up. Out of everyone of the designers he was the only one being really creative. Because he envisioned something that fully encompassed my idea, but made it work. I am very confident that he not only created a simple logo for my clinic, he created a brand that helps me to set myself apart from everybody else. And it didn't stop there. He was very considerative with me when it came to all the details that where needed for my business card for example and waited actual months to complete the whole job. So if you are looking for a designer that can take your idea and help you to make it a real success, you should definitely choose Akihiro!

Review by m.weslowski

over 2 years ago

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