Looking for a striking book cover for a real-life inspired martial arts adventure for tweens!

Anica was amazing to work with on many levels. This was our first design contest here on 99Designs and in the beginning I was quite frustrated with the submissions not getting it. Right from the start, she really understood our intentions and paid attention to the notes we were sending to all designers. By the second round, she was offering surprising, creative and bold innovations that got us excited. With more feedback and dialogue, her designs kept improving and getting closer to what we were imagining and at the same time making it better than what we envisioned when we started. Her elements were hand drawn -- which added something special to the final feel and look. And her willingness to bend over backwards to try different options with a quick turnaround was exceptional. Overall, we got a design that our poll of readers loved the most, we were proud of and the process! And equally of value, she made the somewhat exciting and nerve-wracking contest experience so much easier in how responsive, understanding and reassuring she was to deal with.
We look forward to hiring her for the next instalments of this series!

Review by Sensei David (Integra - CDI)

almost 4 years ago

Invite to work