B2B Exporting ECommcerce Catalog! Majority of Assets supplied!!!! EASY!

The agreement was a 60+ page catalog, 68 to be exact. He did only 52 pages, and then wants to invoice me for 215$ EXTRA because it was extensive work?? Keep in mind, I supplied him with all the assets, meaning I physically had to gather and download all pictures, categorize them for him by page, manufacturer, then brand. The catalog didnt change, only pictures, so the layout was the same, all he had to do was drag and drop.

I said to use illustrator to design, but he did not, he worked on another software, then copied the files to illustrator. He did not crop the pictures well at all, not to mention when I asked him to put in cutting marks and bleed space, he said "i forgot can you have your head designer do it"

So I had to go ahead and put in the cutting marks and bleed space for all of the work which should have been done before.

So overall he wanted to charge me an additional 215$, even though the work he did was 16 pages short, and did not know how to put in cutting marks and bleed so I had to do it.

Not to mention he left out pages I gave him, im missing page 38, Page 39 is the same as page 37 so its a duplicate which he missed out on another page, He combined one two pages into one reducing my overall catalog by one page which means I have to go back and separate into two pages. He also forgot to add another page, but I have it in the folder I gave him so its clearly his fault.


Review by romia

about 6 years ago

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