We started the process with one concept in mind. About a 1/3 of the way through, we pivoted rather sharply to a more minimal and executive style logo. We were, however, also looking for an artistic touch and a designer who could bring our concept to life in a truly unique way. Flexibility was also essential.

The original submission we received wasn't my favorite. There were much higher rated designs for us at that stage. However, in the next attempt, Bacterykey took our feedback to. a. tee. and came up with a very realistic working concept. Next attempt, we had something truly great that we could go on and refine. Bacterykey really understood the vision we had, was able to create it artistically, and all within a few rounds of refinement. At the end, that quality stood out above all.

If you're looking for a sharp designer who can truly grasp your brief/concept and mold it into the shape that suits your needs best, go with Bacterykey.

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