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Help Catapult Advisors with a new web design [5 layouts]

We were extremely pleased with the work that DesignXUK performed on our recent web design project. Of all the many qualified designers that participated in our contest, DesignXUK was the most diligent about reviewing our requirements document before submitting design ideas. He was also very flexible throughout the design process itself, putting forward very clean revisions on a timely basis.

We selected DesignXUK because the design contest gave us complete confidence in their ability to understand what we were trying to accomplish with our website. Our final design was very complex, requiring many revisions that extended well beyond the contest itself. DesignXUK kept our design clean and uncluttered despite the complexity of our design requirements.

Ultimately we decided to let DesignXUK design and build our new website because we were so confident in their amazing creativity, strong technical skills and consistent work ethic.

The coding requirements for our website were fairly complex, but DesignXUK had all of the necessary technical skills to build the design to our exact requirements.

In the end, we are very pleased with out new website. It turned out much better than even our initial expectations when we launched the contest. We would highly recommend DesignXUK.

Ron Lissak

Review by SignoreSF

about 6 years ago

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