Design the most eye-catching Ferrari 458 Challenge race car for the 2018 season.

Good experience with My Idea Studio. We had never done a "wrap" before so our brief probably wasn't as explicit as it should have been. Nevertheless, My Idea Studio worked hard at throwing some examples at us until we started seeing what we liked - from there it was a process of fine-tuning and attempting to explain what effect we were really looking for. My Idea Studio communicates very well and very frequently, so we really felt there was collaboration on this as opposed to the designer simply throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something would stick. My Idea Studio also stuck with us even when the competition was over, and we worked for several days tweaking and fiddling with some small but important aspects of the design. Overall a good experience and we would not hesitate to work with My Idea Studio again.

Review by deano27

almost 4 years ago

Invite to work