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First: the title: "Redesign of "MEISNER PROJEKTMANAGEMENT" isn`t the right one, cause Piparus did that job on the personal account of my husband, Thomas Meisner.
The right title is: "Creating two flyer and two inserts, with just content out of almost nothing :)" which means in that case "creating a "CI" just out of the logo" (which Piparus design for me before) and i`m totally happy with the results.

I`ve never met a "designer" before, who is that able to assimilate all my needs and wishes just from my writing (means without speaking or skyping or whatever) and... in english, which is not my native language.

I`m very thankful to find her and really looking forward to every other project which is coming up in "Andrea Meisner - Coaching and Training".

All the best


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about 6 years ago

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