100 GLORIOUS STARS for Anca!

We studied the top 100 logo designers and illustrators on 99Designs, and invited Anca to create a logo for a lifestyle photography business.

As a test, we also invited five other top designers.

Only one designer responded very quickly, like minutes: Anca. And she did so with passion, verve and energy. We immediately felt she was the right fit for us, so we sent her a dozen examples of color and design and composition.

Anca has a beautiful subconscious, because she took all our images and written instructions, and turned them into a stunning logo, much more than we ever expected. And she made zippy changes and edits within minutes so we could move forward very quickly.

To say she is a worldclass designer is an understatement.

Anca is at the top of the field.

Personally, I have never worked with such an approachable, friendly, kind, respectful and supremely talented designer. Ever. She is in a class by herself.

We are so grateful for our new association and highly recommend Anca on all levels!

Thank you!


Review by Adagio Press

over 3 years ago

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