The Best Quest: The web's most exciting site needs an awesome design!

We are really happy with the design that Warm Design came up with. Since he designed our webpages, we have gathered more investment interest - who says ideas are not all about appearance! A few experts and specialists have also lauded our website design.

Admittedly, it wasn't easy though. We were asking to design webpages that contained a huge amount of information though we wanted clarity and simplitcity as well as an earthy, adventure feel.

From the outset of the original designs, I was not optimistic that WD was going to have the winning design. I told him it was good, but just not IT. Though I gave him some pretty harsh feedback, he never gave up, working hard with design after design, and continued on to surprise me and beat some great high rated other designers. Nice work!

Review by BestestQuestest

about 6 years ago

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