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Zarkum is talented and insightful. It was clear that he had examined the brief, read the details, and integrated those elements into his initial submission. Unlike many other designers he did not wait until the last minute to submit a design, rather he presented an excellent quality design the first day of the contest, allowing more time to evolve the concepts. Over the next several days, we worked closely crafting the logo into the perfect design for Consolidated Reality. Zarkum was responsive, offering ideas, without prompting he experimented with the design, seeking my opinion at each step. Not only was he receptive to the positive feedback, but more importantly, he was also welcoming of the negative feedback, without which no genuine progress can be made. By the end of the contest, due to the level of collaboration that Zarkum brought to the contest, I not only had a design that was perfect for us, but one in which I felt a sense of ownership. This feeling of ownership is critical in something that represents your enterprise.
Zarkum, well done! I am eager to move on with some one on one custom projects.

Review by scollierQ

over 5 years ago

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