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Member since: December 18, 2011
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"imthex, Is outstanding in his design, he listens and works hard to give you what you want and at the same time has great ideas and creativity to expand on your design. I would recommend him to anyone!! Fantastic experience to work with him!!"
Anonymous client
"Thank you so much! I love the logo and thanks for all the hardwork!"
Profile pictureTheyen_78
"Thank you so much! Thanks for all the hardwork"
Profile pictureLepenglish
"These guy was excellent to work with. He was absolutely amazing in regards to accommodating me needs. I wish you all of the best and thank you! "
"A real professional! Very proactive and courteous. He also knew how to properly convey an abstract concept in graphic form.very nicely."
Profile pictureLabppp
"This was a wonderful experience and I'm happy to have such a great outcome! Nancy L. Albertini"
Profile pictureNalbertini