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"A great designer, very easy to work with and make changes with. I will definitely use again!"
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"great work, definitely thinks a bit differently. Definitely work a look"
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"excellent designer - award winning!"
Profile pictureBrett814
"Great to work with. Helped with various concerns in a timely maner. I highly recommend!"
Profile pictureCoonerdmd
"The work was pretty good and I was satisfied with the provider."
Profile pictureJustinHarrison
"I was very impressed with the design and speed of delivery. On all my requests for revisions to the drafts were quickly made. "
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"Great entry!"
Anonymous client
"Great designer to work with. We are very pleased with the final product."
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"Impressive work! The end product was a perfect reflection of the creative brief. "
Anonymous client
"In addition to the design capability demonstrated by anakmami89, I want to emphasize the responsiveness and cooperation. The interaction made this a joint project, in which I am presented with options, provide feedback and make progress in a timely mann..."
Anonymous client
"Simply amazing designer!"
Profile pictureJbrewer07
"Anakmami89 is extremely creative and talented. Followed the creative brief extremely well. Original designs :) I am very happy. "
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"I am extremely happy with the design that anakmami89 made for Apprana! He worked extremely hard and submitted countless revisions, all to make sure that I got the perfect business card for my taste. I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend anakmami89 ..."
Profile pictureVivek M. Chawla
"Very pleasant to work with anakmami89. In my contest, anakmami89 was the only participant. Still, since anakmami89 was eager to help, we received nice design which we look forward to use. Also, it is worthwile to study the portfolio of anakmami89."
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"Very professional, responsive and easy to work with. Great job!"
Profile pictureImprovedRacing
"This designer created an outstanding factsheet for our business - understood the balance of creativity and professionalism, use of colours, tones for our purposes while structuring the content effectively. He was by far the best designer to submit and w..."
Profile picturefounders F
"It was great working with you anakmami89, you are such a talented and professional individual. I am looking forward to work with you again on the coming projects. Thank you."
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"I would like to thank anakmami89 for the great design which was unique, consistent, colorful and professional. This designer was very responsive during all stages of my contest which made me a very satisfied customer. I highly recommend this designer an..."
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