About 99designs

99designs is the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. For more than seven years we’ve been connecting passionate designers with customers who need quality, affordable design services.

Who We Are

Our journey began with a group of designers who were competing together on the Sitepoint forum to create the best designs. In 2008, that friendly competition grew into a unique design marketplace, which ultimately forged connections between tens of thousands of small businesses and a global community of designers that’s now over 950,000 members strong.

We’re continuing to pioneer new and exciting ways for designers and businesses to collaborate. Because we believe that every connection we make moves a business forward, shapes a designer’s career, and brings another ambitious business owner closer to their vision of success.

Today, a new design is uploaded to the platform every 1.5 seconds and to date we’ve paid out more than $122,648,676 to our designer community. From our offices in San Francisco, Melbourne, Berlin, and Rio de Janeiro, we’re working hard 24/7 to provide our customers with the best platform for getting their dream designs on demand.

Our Vision for the Future

99designs exists to challenge the status quo of the traditional design process and promote a powerful relationship between designers and small businesses. By 2016, we will have helped over one million people grow their businesses through access to high-quality, affordable design.

In the end, we believe that self-expression has no borders and that everyone across the world deserves great design.


2201 Broadway
Suite 815
Oakland, CA 94612


Level 2, 41-43 Stewart Street
Richmond, VIC, 3121


Heinrich-Roller-Strasse 28
10405 Berlin


Rua Alfredo Chaves, 48
Sala 03 - Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 22260 - 160