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Winning design

Create a fresh new logo for a data technology company

Module Solutions is a data technology company providing data capture systems, platforms, apps and data services to bu...

By Simon Carter in Logo

132 Entries £749 platinum price
Winning design

Create a logo for our property listings company

We provide property listings for people looking to rent temporary desk space Examples of competitors include ...

By jfarrugia in Logo

25 Entries £189 bronze price
Winning design

Rebrand safecoin, the digital currency of the decentralised network, SAFE

Safecoin is a digital currency or token, the only one that exists on the SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone) Network

By nick.lambert in Logo

782 Entries £749 platinum price
Winning design

Modern Logo for Performance Apparel Company 'Vade'.

We are a fitness apparel company specialising in high end performance wear....

By andrew zL in Logo

225 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

My Chefs Table Logo

Provide an avenue and centralized space for chefs to share their visions, inspirations and work....

By dobsajsnik in Logo

219 Entries £499 gold price
Winning design

Create elegant typography logo with image (for leather bags)

Tale & Fable is a travel goods company that specializes in premium leather travel goods such as backpacks and duffle ...

By 25hoour24 in Logo

161 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

Starfare, an upcoming game, needs a logo!

Starfare is a sci-fi multiplayer online game coming soon to mobiles, tablets and browsers.

By Youngestlinton in Logo

67 Entries £749 platinum price
Winning design

Create a remarkable Logo for an extremely effective Hangover Preventative

- sells Dihydromyricetin - Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is an extremely effective hangover preventative - I...

By cianmcgov in Logo

21 Entries £189 bronze price
Winning design

Company generating 3D digital content needs a logo!

The company's core business is the creation of 3D graphical content. However, the company also generates 3D animation...

By BusyBee123 in Logo

6 Entries £189 bronze price
Winning design

Logo for travel agency specialising in disability

We are a specialist travel agency in the UK who arrange holidays for people with disabilities....

By Paul Discover in Logo

212 Entries £499 gold price
Winning design

Logo for my consultancy business

I am a marketing consultant with over 15 years experience providing marketing and communications services to a wide r...

By ghegerty in Logo

173 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

Bold, clean logo for accrediting body

It's an accrediting body. It stands for "Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses". We probably d...

By Simon_ACTDEC in Logo

319 Entries £499 gold price

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