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Winning design

book cover for crime/mystery thriller: High Five

Simon Cann is an author of crime/mystery thrillers. The target audience is readers of crime/mystery books. The rea...

By Simon Cann in Book Cover

154 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

Create an eye-catching cover for a therapy practitioner's eBook

We train therapists, counsellors and coaches in the latest psychotherapeutic techniques...

By Roger Elliott in Book Cover

98 Entries £189 bronze price
Winning design

Childrens book cover design for Guardians of The Scroll by Steven Loveridge

Leofric Digital is the publishing imprint for Steven Loveridge's books, especially The Palace Library series of Child...

By Steven Loveridge in Book Cover

108 Entries £499 gold price
Winning design

Create a cover for book one of a trilogy - help put Minty Hardcore on the map!

East Enders with a supernatural edge - slightly quirky urban fantasy seeks sexed-up cover design!!

By mickeymayhew in Book Cover

87 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

Looking for a Chinese illustrative book cover with a minimal feel for a well known economics expert!

We are a PR Agency! One of our clients is a well known economist named Jerome Booth, he is planning to release a Chin...

By Right Angles in Book Cover

66 Entries £499 gold price
Winning design

Create a captivating "mindful" book cover for a book for entrepreneurs & freelancers

Coach, speaker, helping entrepreneurs and freelancers...

By a tT in Book Cover

110 Entries £189 bronze price
Winning design

Create a sexy book cover for romance author

Genre: Contemporary Romance Target Audience: Females ages 18-65...

By eltodd42 in Book Cover

64 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Create a classy, professional book cover for Whale Hunting with Global Accounts; Color Palette in Brief

We deliver The Whale Hunters Process(tm) for selling bigger deals to bigger companies. Our clients are owners, CEOs,...

By bweaversmith in Book Cover

76 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

Book cover design for a book about essay writing

By Michaeldmjennings in Book Cover

59 Entries £189 bronze price
Winning design

Beverly Book Cover Design

I have written a short novel about two best friends who share a flat in London. The genre is women's commercial ficti...

By Fiona Pearse in Book Cover

265 Entries £499 gold price
Winning design

Creating a striking cover for my book on why Europe's economies & politics are in a mess

I'm an independent author who writes books on economics and politics targeted at an intelligent international (in thi...

By philippe.legrain in Book Cover

76 Entries £799 platinum price
Winning design

Create a clear, enticing cover for a professional book

We are producing a book titled "How to Grow Your Business with Link Building" ... the audience of this book will be o...

By james iO in Book Cover

53 Entries £309 silver price


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