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Winning design

Redesign a popular home page and a client page on one of the UKs top wedding websites.

We are an online wedding directory where wedding businesses advertise and brides look for their suppliers and have a ...

By alison 1f in Web Page

29 Entries £464 bronze price
Winning design

Website that gives you knowledge about the country you are going to visit

We provide documentation (novel, documentaries, ..) about a country to travellers....

By yzzaslaoui in Web Page

52 Entries £559 bronze price
Winning design

Develop a Homepage for a Private Jet and Helicopter Charter company

We are a broker for Private Jets and Helicopters. Clients will call us to source flights for them, this could be anyt...

By MarineHeli in Web Page

103 Entries £369 bronze price
Winning design

Redesign existing website of an award winning magazine

About Outlook Publishing Africa, Asia and Europe Outlook are digital and print products aimed at boardroom and han...

By webmaster 97 in Web Page

90 Entries £1,189 gold price
Winning design

Design Single Page Website for Global Marketing Research Platform

We help brands stay in tune with their audience, giving them access to qualitative research on-demand. Liveminds Con...

By Hugh Carling in Web Page

83 Entries £999 gold price
Winning design

Create a modern design one page website for a Dental Implant company

AM Surgery are specialist providers of dental implants. This initial website will be targeting patients who require d...

By info HF in Web Page

67 Entries £1,599 platinum price
Winning design

Website Design Concept for Sport Ecommerce Site

Swim store ecommerce store selling swimwear, swim training equipment and accessories. Target audience are keen swimme...

By elwalker in Web Page

56 Entries £749 silver price
Winning design

Fortress GRP Website

Design a website that depicts quality & professionalism.

By kevin.down in Web Page

93 Entries £749 silver price
Winning design

Create a market leading Website for our Fraud Protection services for business.

We run Fraud Software which protects clients such as Gaming companies, Loan Companies, the banking industry and many ...

By iain l in Web Page

14 Entries £749 silver price
Winning design

Create a one page website for a Dental Finance service

Chrysalis offer finance to dental practice patients to enable them to pay for expensive dental treatments over a peri...

By info HF in Web Page

108 Entries £1,599 platinum price
Winning design

Design a stunning, responsive estate agent website

Redrose is an estate agent and a letting agent. Our company provides valuations for both lettings and sales and vario...

By Sam Allcock in Web Page

175 Entries £999 gold price
Winning design

Personal Website Design Needed for Entrepreneur is a website for the British internet entrepreneur Mark Pearson, the websites purpose is to give a we...

By Markco Media in Web Page

66 Entries £2,014 platinum price


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