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Winning design

Home page for online wallet (NXT cryptocurrency)

We offer an online wallet for the NXT cryptocurrency...

By alex tK in Web Page

63 Entries £559 silver price
Winning design

Create 3 engaging web pages that engage visitors and improve Tallon's e-commerce business

We provide patented, universal mounting sockets and accessories for use in vehicles, marine craft and aircraft. Our ...

By brian RB in Web Page

35 Entries $1,199 silver price
Winning design

LettingFinder Home page

Property advertising portal for private landlords. The site also offers additional related products i.e. tenant credi...

By Tony MT in Web Page

41 Entries £369 bronze price
Winning design

New design for re-brand to "The R Guide"

It is a combination of business- and travel-guide.

By Christiaan in Web Page

98 Entries 1,799 gold price
Winning design

Create a landing page for an innovative health care company

We sell a health coaching service to health care budget owners. We support sick patients with nurses that help the pa...

By magnus.liungman in Web Page

149 Entries $1,749 gold price
Winning design

Clean, simple, monochrome header and footer for e-commerce site

Markers Online manufacturer permanent, dry-erase, water-based and metal marking and writing equipment to customers in...

By Simon King in Web Page

7 Entries £369 bronze price
Winning design

Design our new Website Homepage! Contest Winner Guaranteed! Quick Feedback on all designs!

IT Recruitment. IT Clients. IT Contractors...

By daniel.patel in Web Page

204 Entries £1,599 platinum price
Winning design

Create a Fun and engaging website. Copycat designers stay away!!!

We provide online payment solutions just like paypal. Our client base is any online business that wants to take paym...

By iain l in Web Page

114 Entries £1,189 gold price
Winning design

Create a website for award winning app company

We are a software company that has a mobile app for businesses that work in the field trade industry. For example our...

By Benjamin Dyer in Web Page

123 Entries £1,694 platinum price
Winning design


We are Unlocking company by software, we can unblock any iphone by our software, and selling Software to unlock iPho...

By oneskays in Web Page

23 Entries £464 bronze price
Winning design

Create a stylish, creative one page web design for casino website

CasinoTV's focus is to deliver television quality live games to web, mobile, desktop. We want to offer an experience ...

By Stevie7767 in Web Page

155 Entries £1,789 platinum price
Winning design

Create a website for a horse racing tipping service

We are reselling other peoples horse racing tips. People will be paying us £10 a month and we will be sending them th...

By TipTipster in Web Page

19 Entries £749 silver price


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