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Winning design

Create a new icon set to help our customers navigate our application

We produce web-based business applications. Our target audience is business users within our customers. The users w...

By richard.meakin in Icon or Button

23 Entries £399 gold price
Winning design

“Texts” needs a cross-platform application icon

A new kind of word processing application. “Rich editor for plain text”.

By FEDORS in Icon or Button

46 Entries £399 gold price
Winning design

Design 4 Icons For The Front Page Of Our Holiday Cottage Agency Website

We are an agency for about 80 self catering holiday properties in Cornwall, UK. Each one is somebody's loved holiday...

By Sitol in Icon or Button

90 Entries £199 silver price
Winning design

Design an AWESOME call-to-action button for this Cloud company's blog

Help us make our blog look awesome and convert lots of leads, with a super new CTA button

By matthew.matillion in Icon or Button

79 Entries £199 silver price
Winning design

Create four simple, quality icons for BigHand

BigHand is the world leader in digital dictation software allowing authors to route voice files to their secretary fo...

By Tom.spelling in Icon or Button

25 Entries £139 bronze price
Winning design

Sport Fan? Create a cool logo for this awesome football/betting related app

Bettracks is a fully integrated football accumulator app which allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest scores...

By scott N3 in Icon or Button

17 Entries £139 bronze price
Winning design

Design App Icon for Santa Tracking iPhone App

Santa Tracker is an upcoming iOS application. It allows parents to simulate the tracking of Santa Claus on christmas…

By Tillmania in Icon or Button

33 Entries £399 gold price
Winning design

Mobile App Card Game Icon

I am developing a new app, initially for Android and later for iOS. The app is called Snap Challenge, it is basically...

By rob apps in Icon or Button

77 Entries £139 bronze price
Winning design

IOS 7 App Icon

We make Mobile Phone Apps for IOS and Android

By Jaylocker in Icon or Button

86 Entries £199 silver price
Winning design

CloudSway needs AWESOME icons to complete award winning application!

We are a financial project management application that allows sharing of financial information and documents through ...

By Swest2419 in Icon or Button

7 Entries $999 platinum price

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