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Winning design

Recruitment Business Favicon Design for existing Logo!

Ryder Jones are a specialist recruitment consultancy operating exclusively within the Global Construction Industry. W...

By marketing zJe in Icon or Button

8 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

App icon for mind mapping app

iBlueSky is an elegant and intuitive mind mapping app for iOS. It is used by business people, strategists, students a...

By andyeb in Icon or Button

225 Entries £369 gold price
Winning design

Icon Pack for Fourth

Company landing page (browser start page for employees)...

By S I M O N in Icon or Button

18 Entries £399 gold price
Winning design

Icon for iOS French learning app

Educational language web sites and applications for all learner demographics....

By French Linguistics in Icon or Button

111 Entries £129 bronze price
Winning design

An App icon that will replace the Phone App on your Phone

Everyone who wants to save money on International Phone calls...

By rohinr in Icon or Button

49 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

Set of dietary/allergy food icons required

We have websites that display dietary and allergy information on menus. We require a set of 17 dietary/allergy icons.

By Stu W in Icon or Button

68 Entries £369 gold price
Winning design

Icon for photo-real interior design iPad app

Innovative and intuitive interior design app with the ability to produce photo-real results, all on your iPad.

By BlackMana in Icon or Button

20 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Icon for iPad App related to Civil Engineering

An icon is required for the iPad App Civil Engineering Toolbox for iPad. More information: https://itunes.apple.com...

By asextos in Icon or Button

62 Entries £129 bronze price
Winning design

Design an iOS App Icon for a Note-Taking App. Frequent Feedback and Guaranteed Prize!

Be one of the first to have your icon on the Apple Watch!

By robert oC in Icon or Button

108 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Create app icon and logo for Smyle, an iOS photo app--guaranteed contest!

We are a photo app for the iphone. People capture through the app with their smartphones. We store/ organize photos.

By Jdforooz in Icon or Button

186 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Set of 16 ICONS needed for Website

For first round, minimum Icons needed are - Head, Heart, Hands & Growth. Optional Declining, Selling, Emergency...

By Nick McDonald in Icon or Button

23 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

Three Buttons for Intrafocus

We sell 1. Software 2. Strategy Workshop Facilitation 3. Balanced Scorecard Training...

By Clive Keyte in Icon or Button

35 Entries £129 bronze price


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