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Winning design

3D Realistic Interior Design for Hookah Lounge

We are looking for an interior design for our new upcoming lounge /restaurant that will also serve hookah (water pipe...

By wshoj00 in Other

213 Entries $1,499 platinum price
Winning design

Create the next design for fillink limited

we sell a range of desktop printers that have been modified, so potential customers will never need to purchase…

By Parmi in Other

16 Entries £339 silver price
Winning design

Design Top Sheet for Snow Skis

We sell snow skis to male skiers aged 20-40 years old throughout the U.S.A....

By malder321 in Other

209 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

♫ Syn - A New House Music Logo & Flyer ♫

Provide unforgettable nights to thousands of people

By Somerville87 in Other

59 Entries £539 gold price
Winning design

Full Page Ad for Visitor Guide in Telluride Colorado

Luxury home, condo rentals for week/days in Telluride Colorado. Very high end vacation rentals. Winter ski market sum...

By christina E9 in Other

9 Entries $499 silver price
Winning design

Corporate to Creative: without re-branding, we want to show our information in a more exciting way. 

We manufacture and distribute chef and hospitality apparel on a global scale. Our target market differs from region t...

By elinor q in Other

17 Entries £199 bronze price
Winning design

Vehicle wrap for BoConcept Glasgow [inspiration provided]

Delivery vehicle concept for high end contemporary Danish designed furniture retailer

By adda1 in Other

43 Entries £539 gold price
Winning design

The world's most important 'sticker'?

This contest is to create a sticker to put on millions of the world's mobile phones and laptops. 

By Martin and Andrew in Other

94 Entries £629 gold price
Winning design

Help us design a logo & branding system to unveil a unique & bold handmade jewelry brand

Create a modern logo and branding system (colors & typography) that reflects Sumaris' values & presence.

By researchingmedia in Other

287 Entries $299 bronze price
Winning design

Diversity Police Conference

Diversity Police Staff Associations. (SEMPER representing Black and Minority Ethnic / GPA representing LGBT). Targeti...

By gpascotland in Other

10 Entries £199 bronze price
Winning design

Design our new digital and To-Go menu.

Bigbites Pizza & Grill is a new fast casual restaurant chain located in Florida.

By Author77 in Other

41 Entries $1,199 platinum price

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