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Winning design

Vehicle wrap for BoConcept Glasgow [inspiration provided]

Delivery vehicle concept for high end contemporary Danish designed furniture retailer

By adda1 in Other

43 Entries £539 gold price
Winning design

Ambiance wireless plug controller - affordable & stylish (hopefully!)

Create a beautiful wireless plug controller that you would like to see in your home soon!

By gyve in Other

69 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

Amazing reception

A firm of solicitors offering affordable legal solutions to individuals. A modern "High Street Law Firm" with a stron...

By jeremy.brooke in Other

107 Entries £499 gold price
Winning design

Goal Visualizations in Soccer

We offer sports data in every facet (B2B and B2C). The current product is soccer specific and aims at the sports medi...

By m.siegle in Other

18 Entries 249 bronze price
Winning design

Logo, Word template, PowerPoint Template - "Brand"!

Jumpstart Broadcast is a Broadcast Technology Consultancy, Service provider and solutions provider in the Broadcast M...

By neil 5W in Other

35 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

Photo edit - change bikini colour

Health company....

By willpeirce 8 in Other

46 Entries £189 bronze price
Winning design

Create 4 small Facebook ads for a fun, feminine vintage clothing brand - Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop is an online clothing retailer that specialises in vintage-style dresses from the 1950s. Our dresses are fu...

By ellerose.williams in Other

72 Entries £309 silver price
Winning design

Design our new digital and To-Go menu.

Bigbites Pizza & Grill is a new fast casual restaurant chain located in Florida.

By Author77 in Other

41 Entries $1,199 platinum price
Winning design

The world's most important 'sticker'?

This contest is to create a sticker to put on millions of the world's mobile phones and laptops. 

By Martin and Andrew in Other

94 Entries £629 gold price
Winning design

3D Realistic Interior Design for Hookah Lounge

We are looking for an interior design for our new upcoming lounge /restaurant that will also serve hookah (water pipe...

By wshoj00 in Other

213 Entries $1,499 platinum price
Winning design

Design an eye catching truck wrap/skin for Lanchester Wines

We are a large wine importer & wholesaler delivering nationwide. We supply major supermarkets, other wholesalers, cas...

By alex zk in Other

87 Entries £189 bronze price


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