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Winning design

Create a flyer for a Supercar Broker dealing with Lamborghini & Ferrari in London

We need eye-catching, original flyers! (Inspiration provided!)

By jeremy NC in Postcard, Flyer & Print

95 Entries £619 platinum price
Winning design

Create an impactful direct mail postcard for GreenSky Credit

Direct mail campaign aimed at home improvement merchants

By stekdahl527 in Postcard, Flyer & Print

50 Entries $999 platinum price
Winning design

Are you creative? Design our A5 Flyer for Weengs, our mobile app

We are the easiest way to send your thing, anywhere in the world. You just use the Weengs app to snap a photo of the ...

By Weengs in Postcard, Flyer & Print

70 Entries £447 gold price
Winning design

Award-winning advertisement required for the leading media sales development company in the UK

We provide sales and commercial management training to media & events businesses, predominantly in the UK....

By richmyles in Postcard, Flyer & Print

34 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

Simple Clean Postcard Needed For Online Jewellery Retainer

We sell costume jewellery (mainly body jewellery, earrings and rings) in the UK....

By topshams in Postcard, Flyer & Print

14 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

International BASELWORLD Trade Show Newspaper Ad

We are a watch brand that sells all different styles of watches but we are focused on Tourbillon Timepieces....

By evan 2k in Postcard, Flyer & Print

55 Entries $1,059 platinum price
Winning design

Exciting, eye-catching design needed for spectacular concert!

Adam Hepkin Productions brings world class musical theatre performers to theatres around the UK, teaming them with hu...

By adamhepkin in Postcard, Flyer & Print

51 Entries £369 gold price
Winning design

Excite fun-loving folks with a flyer for JumpIn Trampoline Arena

Exhilarating trampolining experiences for fun-loving people of all ages. Experience the sensation as you bounce in...

By linsey.west in Postcard, Flyer & Print

18 Entries $199 bronze price
Winning design

Create an A5 leaflet for Invicta Cleaning Services

Domestic cleaning company....

By CoganM in Postcard, Flyer & Print

20 Entries £189 silver price
Winning design

Forbidden Nights Theatre Tour Poster

We are an all male variety show, Target audience is mainly Female. The Show is: sexy, classy and a high production...

By leigh C in Postcard, Flyer & Print

132 Entries £369 gold price
Winning design

Create an image of a Jetwash clean showing how it looks before, after and during.

With this leaflet I am focusing on jet washing, or pressure washing driveways, patios and any other concrete in the g...

By shivamsuchak in Postcard, Flyer & Print

35 Entries £129 bronze price
Winning design

Innovative, simple, elegant 25th wedding anniversary invitation


By lb p in Postcard, Flyer & Print

19 Entries £129 bronze price


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